Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Missile Parts Confiscated From North Korean Ship In Panama

North Korean ship had large containers of missile parts and was trying to smuggle the parts through the Panama Canal.

By H. Nelson Goodson
July 16, 2013

Panama - On Friday, Panama officials confiscated containers of missile parts from a North Korean ship trying to go through the Panama Canal. The ship had left Cuba and authorities in Panama believed it was attempting to smuggle drugs after they noticed that the ship captain became angry and the crew rioted.
The ship was taken to an inspection section in the canal where officials discovered the missile parts behind a sugar cargo. The ship captain tried to commit suicide and the crew is being held in custody.
On Monday, Ricardo Martinelli, President of Panama posted several photos of the missile containers on his Twitter account and announced that the military parts were found inside the cargo ship. It's illegal to try and smuggle missile parts through the Panama Canal.
Martinelli says, drug enforcement officials had spotted the ship after it left Cuba and supected it was carrying drugs. No drugs were found in the ship.

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