Wednesday, July 17, 2013

75-year-old Man Convicted For Killing 13-year-old Simmons

John Henry Spooner and Darius Simmons

Surveillance video showed Spooner shooting Simmons in cold blood.

By H. Nelson Goodson
July 17, 2013

Milw., WI - On Wednesday,  a Milwaukee County jury convicted John Henry Spooner, 75, of first-degree intentional homicide of Darius Simmons, 13. Spooner is facing life in prison. He is suffering from lung cancer.
Spooner's trial continues to determine, if he was mentally ill when he shot Simmons. Spooner's defense lawyer is trying to argue that Spooner was temporarily ill for a few seconds when he shot Simmons. A doctor for the defense collaborated that Simmon's for a few seconds was mentally ill, but the prosecutor disputed their argument. 
The jury viewed a video recorded by a surveillance camera at Spooner's residence showing Spooner walking up to Simmons and pointing a gun at the victim several times and then shoots him in cold blood. 
Simmons was outside in front of his home at 1905 W. Arrow St. when Spooner confronted him about the prior house break-in, according to the criminal complaint. Spooner then took out his handgun and shot Simmons. Simons was unarmed when he was shot multiple times in the chest after a shouting altercation.
Spooner admitted to police that he indeed shot Simmons, who he suspected of breaking into his home and stealing several shotguns worth at least $3,000.

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