Thursday, July 4, 2013

Laredo Fireworks At Uni-Trade Stadium Cancelled After Premature Blast Injured Technician

A premature blast at a Laredo Fireworks display injured a technician and the display became inoperative. In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, thick fog and fireworks smoke on Wednesday's Big Bang caused poor visibility that people left early from the event. Also, the Statue of Liberty opened on Thursday for tours.

By H. Nelson Goodson
July 4, 2013

Laredo, Texas - On Thursday, a fireworks accident led to the cancellation of tonight's fireworks event at the Uni-Trade Stadium in the 6300 block of Sinatra Pkwy where the Laredo Family Fun Day celebration of the 4th of July continued today. The fireworks accident happened earlier in the day when a fireworks display prematurely ignited, exploded several times and setoff the display injuring a technician. 
People throughout Laredo reported several blasts, smoke and traffic jams heading to the fireworks event, which was temporarily blocked by emergency vehicles and police.
The technician received second and third degree burns and was taken to the Laredo Medical Center for treatment, but was later flown to San Antonio for additional treatment. 
The man is in stable condition, according to a Laredo Fire Marshal investigating the accident.
The Country Club in Laredo will have their fireworks tonight at 9:15 p.m., according to city officials.
In Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Wednesday night during the Big Bang fireworks in the lakefront caused frustration after weather conditions caused a thick fog hampering visibilty and then with the fireworks smoke caused even less visibilty. People had camped a day earlier to reserve their space to watch the fireworks, but when it became apparent of the poor visibilty, most left early from the area before the fireworks ended.
In New York, New York - Liberty Island opened on Thursday and tourists began to visit the Statue of Liberty.

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