Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Salsero To The End Of The Road

Joe Pasqualine


In memory of a good Salsero friend.

July 10, 2013

Milw., WI (HNNUSA) - On December 15, 2002, three Salseros Joe "Joey" Pasqualine, H. Nelson Goodson and Sebastian Morales from Babalu (Gaucho Grill) decided to go have breakfast at a local restaurant on S. 27th and Morgan after clubbing. Pasqualine, 34, originally from Arecibo, P.R. invited Goodson and Morales to ride with him, but both Goodson and Morales decided to take their own vehicles to the restaurant, so Pasqualine didn't have to drive back to the club at the 600 block of W. National Ave. He had just moved about half a mile from the restaurant.
Pasqualine got into I-94 Southbound and both Goodson and Morales followed behind. They all took the Holt exit and Pasqualine managed to make it through the yellow traffic light on S. 6th and headed West on Holt, which later turns into Morgan Ave. While Goodson and Morales waited at the stop light.
After a few minutes, both Goodson and Morales preceded West on Holt after the light turned green. Then Goodson at the 1700 block of W. Morgan Ave., which Holt turns into, around 2:30 a.m. he noticed an accident and an upside down vehicle wrapped around a tree. It took Goodson several minutes to realize that it was Pasqualine's vehicle.
Police later indicated, Pasqualine must have been racing Westbound with white color vehicle and lost control, then hit the curb making the car fly, flip upside down and wrapping around a tree upon impact.
Pasqualine was not drinking that night, according to Goodson. Goodson remembers when Pasqualine arrived at the club. Goodson noticed a dark shadow following Pasqualine, but Goodson couldn't determine what it was, since he was wearing all black. Goodson remembers asking Pasqualine, if something was wrong and he answered nothing was unusual.
If Goodson and Morales would have rode with Pasqualine, Goodson would have sat in the back seat and Morales in the front passenger's side. Both the front passenger's side and  rear of the vehicle were squashed like a soda can. Goodson along with Morales could have not survived and possibly would have had been buried with the vehicle.

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