Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Local People Take Up Arms To Fight Crime And Drug Cartels In Guerrero

At least in six municipalities in the state of Guerrero, Mexican citizens have taken up arms against paid killers, organized crime and drug cartels.

By H. Nelson Goodson
January 22, 2013

Ayutla, Guerrero,  Mexico - Since last week, the Mexican citizens from the municipality of Ayutla have armed themselves with machetes, weapons and assault rifles including covering their faces to help take control of their town against organized crime and drug cartels. Corruption and extortion among their local officials, including municipal police and organized criminal activity led to the arm defense takeover of the municipality by its citizens.
They complained and requested help from state and the federal government,  but to no avail. The citizens finally got fed up with the increasing crime wave, then decided to arm themselves and takeover the public safety control in the municipality. 
They held an outdoor public meeting on January 20 and decided to continue with their civil armed defense until the federal and state government send marines to the area. So far, 40 criminals or paid killers (sicarios) have been taken into custody by the Ayutla civil defense group and will be prosecuted for their criminal activities that includes murder.
Ayutla is one of five other municipalities that have recently taken up arms against organized crime and local cartels. The five other coastal municipalities in Guerrero are Cualac, Copala, Florencio Villarreal, San Marcos and Tecuanapa.
In late October, the citizens in the municipality of Olinalá took control of the area after months of corruption, criminal activity and extortion of businesses by members of organized crime that involved local police and municipal officials. Mexican marines finally arrived on November 5, to secure Olinalá. The citizens took down road blocks and makeshift checkpoints from the six main entrances to the town.
Authorities told the armed civil defense group to put their weapons away. The weapons used by the Olinalá civil defense that included assault rifles were not confiscated by the military. 
The armed citizens who have taken over their municipalities requested military security, investigation of corrupt municipal authorities and local police.
The arm resistance by citizens against organized crime and Mexican drug cartels is spreading and getting national attention. 

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