Friday, January 25, 2013

Jimmy Kimmel Sucks!, Show Segment Hosted By Damon Hilarious

An array of stars appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Sucks! show on ABC network.

By H. Nelson Goodson
January 25, 2013

Hollywood - On Thursday,  Matt Damon in revenge hosted Jimmy Kimmel Sucks! show, while Jimmy was gagged and tied up with an array of stars who showed up to mock Jimmy. All through the show, Jimmy never said a word. 
Damon began with "Welcome to tonight's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Sucks!" Then he asked the audience, if they liked it and everyone cheered and applaided while Jimmy remained bound in the backdground in a wheelchair.
Damon said, he took over Jimmy's show as a pay back for being skip from the show at least 1,205 times over a period of ten years. Due too, Jimmy always running out of time to have Damon on the show. 
Some of the stars were Demi Moore, Andy Garcia (who replaced Guillermo), Jennifer Lopez, Robin Williams (who did jokes), Ben Affleck (who did cue cards), John Krasinski, Robert De Niro, Don Cheadle, Reese Witherspoon, Sally Field, Oprah Winfrey, Sara Crow (who tookover Kimmel's band leader Cleto Escobedo III), Nicole Kidman, Gary Oldman and Amy Adams.
During the show Williams before leaving and Kidman when she arrived went up to Jimmy who was tied up to a wheel chair and then sat on top of him and candidly grind on him.
It was a hilarious and unique show to watch on the ABC network. ;)

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