Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Kombo Kolombia Band Members Were Kidnapped, Tortured And Then Executed

Four members of the Kombo Kolombia identified from 17 bodies found in abandon water well.

By H. Nelson Goodson
January 29, 2013

Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico - Jorge Domene Zambrano, spokesman for the Nuevo León State Security agency confirmed during a press conference that 18 members, including crew from the Kombo Kolombia, a Vallenato style band had been kidnapped on early Friday, then tortured and 17 of them had been executed. Four of the band members were identified so far, they are José Antonio Villarreal,  39, Heimer Iván Cuéllar Pérez of Colombia, José Baudelio Santos López, 38, and Victor Angel Santamaria Cruz, 43. Villarreal was a vocalist in the band and Pérez was a Colombian citizen living in Hildago. The Colombian Consulate has been notified of Pérez' murder, according to Zambrano.
The bodies of the 17 members of the Kombo Kolombia band were found inside a water well in the (municipality) town of Mina. The well is located at the abandon Las Estacas ranch. Authorities with the help of a helicopter and one of the victims who had escaped were able to find the crime scene. 
Authorities say, it was with the aid of one of the members of the band that had escaped before being killed. He escaped and then got a ride from a passerby who dropped him off at a gas station. The surviving member called family members to let them know what had happened. The authorities were called afterwards.
The man told authorities that they were kidnapped by a group of 10 men, then were tortured to try and get information whether they sold drugs or were members of a rival criminal organization. They transported the kidnap victims in various vehicles.
When they arrived in Mina, the suspects took three members at a time and made them get on their knees and then shot them in the head. Their bodies were dumped in a well.
The bodies were wearing the Kombo Kolombia style logo and clothing.
On Thursday, the band members performed at La Carreta bar for a private party in the municipality of Hidalgo where most reside. At about 3:00 a.m. on Friday, a group of 10 armed men invaded the bar and kidnapped the band members.
They were reported missing after the performance when relatives couldn't reach them or get an answer on their cell phones.
Authorities found most of their vehicles at the bar. A truck from Nuevo Laredo was confiscated at the crime scene in Mina by authorities believed to have been used to transport the victims to the abandon water well.
Family of the band members were able to identify some of the victims. Forensic examination of the bodies continues to determine the identity of the rest of the victims. 
This is the second largest crime scene found in the state of Nuevo León, since 20 bodies of bus travelers were discovered in a mass grave several years ago.

Update: Nuevo León authorities released the names of the Kombo Kolombia Vallenato style band whose bodies have been identified. Their bodies were recovered from an abandon well in the town of Mina.

• José Antonio Villarreal Villarreal, 39;
•  Heiner Iván Cuéllar Pérez, 24;
• Víctor Ángel Santamaría Cruz, 43;
• José Baudelio Santos López, 38;
• Javier Flores Valerio, 29;
• Edgar Dimas Montes, 31;
• Francisco Javier Alfaro Hernández;
• Saúl Reynoso Sáenz, 30;
• Reyes Alejandro Mendoza Rodríguez, 25;
• Mario Alberto Beltrán Ortega, 24;
• Juan Ignacio Herrera Ortiz, 42;
• Juan Tomás Carrizales Rodríguez;
• Ricardo Alfonso Verduzco Sáenz, 27;
• Carlos Alberto Sánchez Aguirre, 37;
• José Rodríguez Rostro;
• Federico Iván Méndez; and
• José Francisco Jiménez Díaz.

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