Wednesday, January 30, 2013

49 Plaintiffs Filed Lawsuit Claiming MC Multiservicios Tax Service Kept Some Of Their Tax Refunds

The Contreras through a tax preparing service allegedly kept more than $11,000 of federal tax refunds from clients, according to a lawsuit filed on behave of 49 Plaintiffs. 

By H. Nelson Goodson
January 30, 2013

Milwaukee, WI - On Tuesday, a major civil lawsuit was filed by the law firm of Stupar & Schuster, S.C. on behave of 49 plaintiffs claiming that MC Multiservicios, Inc.,  1010 S. César E. Chávez Dr. a southside tax preparing service owned by Jenny and Juan Contreras kept some of their federal tax refunds. The plaintiffs claim in their complaint, that they were short changed between $100 to $680 totalling $11,973 in 2010 of their 2009 tax refunds by the Contreras.
The lawsuit claims, that Jenny and Juan Contreras engaged in theft and "intentionally retained a portion of said tax refunds without the Plaintiff's consent." The Contreras filed the Plaintiffs federal tax returns electronically and the IRS refunded an amount that was then deposited in the MC Multiservicios bank account. Then MC Multiservicios made checks in different amounts from their own bank account and gave them to their clients who are now Plaintiffs in the complaint. 
The Plaintiffs paid for the tax preparation service and were unaware that the Contreras were keeping a hefty portion of their federal tax refunds without their consent, according to the lawsuit.
In September, Hispanic News Network U.S.A. (HNNUSA) first reported the MC Multiservicios tax withholding theft claims that were made by the Plaintiffs. The Contreras at that time would not comment about the allegations made by their clients who claimed that a portion of their tax refunds were kept after using the tax service.
In fact, the Contreras took out several full page ads in El Conquistador (issue November 2-8, 2012) and El Mañanero newspaper (issue November 7-20, 2012) accusing HNNUSA, victims, and a local newspaper (El Corre Caminos) of making false claims and were intentionally engaging in defamation against MC Multiservicios. The Contreras failed to mention in the ads why their former clients were accusing them of alleged theft.
Multiple former MC Multiservicios clients filed a complaint in September with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Criminal Investigation Division.
MC Multiservicios is being represented by Attorney Victor Arellano.

49 Plaintiffs vs. Jenny Contreras, Juan Contreras,  MC Multiservicios Inc. (PDF) lawsuit at link:

Graph showing federal tax refund amounts withheld by MC Multiservicios, Inc., from former clients (49 Plaintiffs).

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