Monday, January 7, 2013

Derdy Sánchez Wins 12-men Battle Royal In Hebbronville

Derdy Sánchez

Sánchez wins the 12-men Battle Royal after a wrestler steps off the ring.

By H. Nelson Goodson
January 7, 2013

Hebbronville, Texas - On Saturday, wrestling superstar Derdy Sánchez from the Laredo Wrestling Alliance (LWA) won the 12-men Battle Royal shortly after the wrestling match among 12 superstar wrestlers got underway at the Jim Hogg County Pavilion in Hebbronville. The event was sponsored by the Hard Knocks Saloon. One by one, each wrestler was eliminated as they were thrown over the ropes of the ring. Once a wrestler hits the ground floor with both feet, they were eliminated.
It seemed, a group of three wrestlers conspired with Sánchez to take the other challenging wrestlers out of the ring.
When four of them remained inside the ring, including Sánchez, he and another wrestler then turned against two of their allies and threw them off the ring. Afterwards in a surprized move, the other remaining wrestler decided to step off the ring, allowing Sánchez to win by default.
The match lasted nearly 9 minutes and Sánchez later posted on Facebook that he could hear the spectators yelling "Derdy Sánchez sucks...Derdy Sánchez sucks." Sánchez is one of the most hated LWA wrestlers, according to a ring announcer, but has a large fan base. Sánchez dwells on his reputation and success as an independent professional wrestler.

Video of match at following link:

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