Friday, June 17, 2011

Chicago Mexican Consul Arnal Palomera Established 24 Hour Toll Free Emergency Number For Nationals

(L-R) Gilberto Gonzalez, Mexican Consul Eduardo Arnal Palomera, Zonia Lopez and H. Nelson Goodson.

Photo: Juan Carlos Ruiz

Consul Arnal Palomera granted interview with Nfoque Latino Spanish Radio at WJTI 1460 AM.

By H. Nelson Goodson
June 17, 2011

Milwaukee - On Friday in an exclusive interview, the newly designated Mexican Consul Eduardo Arnal Palomera for the Mexican Consulate in Chicago visited the City of Milwaukee. Arnal Palomera during a pre-recorded Nfoque Latino Spanish Radio program at WJTI 1460 AM said, that his mission was to visit every County in the tri-state area within the jurisdiction of the Consulate. Milwaukee County became the fifth County that he has visited.
Consul Arnal Palomera began his five day tour on June 14 and ended on Friday. In the last five days, he has stopped in Rockford, Illinois, and in Wisconsin, which included the cities of Pewaukee, Madison, Waukesha and Milwaukee. He met with local officials that included mayors, police chiefs, judges and businessmen to open channels of communication between them.
Arnal Palomera plans to visit 128 Counties the Consulate is assigned to service where Mexican nationals reside in the tri-state area inorder to get firsthand information about their needs and how the Consulate can provide services.
Arnal Palomera will become the first youngest Mexican Consul in history to visit each County the Chicago Mexican Consulate provides service too. He assured, that he will remain accessible to Mexican nationals and will work with Mexican community organizations and groups. Arnal Palomera considers himself as a friendly people's Consul.
He will make sure Consulate services will be provided accordingly and with respect because the staff at the Consulate works for the people they're providing services too. The Mexican Consulate operations and expenses totalled at least $5 million annually and generate more than $6 million in services to nationals, Arnal Palomera explained. There are about 1.5 million Mexican and Mexican-Americans residing in Chicago and more than 3.8 million within the Consulate's service area.
Mexico has invested in the U.S. more than $152 billion by buying American goods and part of his job in Chicago is to help increase the economic growth between both countries, says Arnal Palomera.
If Consulate workers fail to comply with his policies to provide better services that are expected from them, they should start looking for another job, Arnal Palomera said. He has been assigned to the Consulate for the next six years.
Each Consulate employee will be required to wear name tags to make it easier to locate and identify a worker when a complaint is registered by a person. All staff workers will dress casual to provide a welcoming setting for those seeking services. Arnal Palomera said, he will personally answer any suggestions or complaints put into a suggestion box at the Consulate. People have been really surprised to hear from him when he calls them about an issue, according to Arnal Palomera.
Consul Arnal Palomera was straight forward about his ability to provide transparency, better services, and becoming accessible to the community and nationals seeking services in Chicago, Illinois, including Northern Illinois, Southern Wisconsin and Northern Indiana. The Consulate also provides mobil services in the region.
One of the first programs that was implemented when Consul Arnal Palomera took over the Chicago Mexican Consulate a month ago was to established a 24 hour Emergency Hotline in both English and Spanish. The toll free Hotline number is 1-888-755-5511 and it will be answered by bilingual staff workers. The service is for Mexican nationals seeking help from the Consulate for legal advice, about their rights and for the Consulate to provide assistance to family members needing advice while being detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), local Sheriff's and police.
After the Nfoque Latino interview, Arnal Palomera in his last tour stop met with Mexican community members at South Division High School for several hours and informed them about his willingness to work with the community at large.
The full interview with Consul Arnal Palomera will be aired on Monday, June 20, at 11:00 a.m. to noon at WJTI 1460 AM Nfoque Latino Spanish Radio program with Zonia Lopez, Gilberto Gonzalez and H. Nelson Goodson.

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