Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Assault Rifle Left On Top Of Seattle Police Squad Trunk

Photo: Nick Gonzales/KING 5 News

Seattle Police Department embarrassed about mishap.

By H. Nelson Goodson
June 28, 2011

Seattle, WA - The Seattle Police Department (SPD) is trying to do damage control after a police assault rifle was left on top of a squad car unattended. KING 5 News reported that a pedestrian noticed the mishap in front of a hotel on Monday night and took a picture of it. Nick Gonzales took the picture about 9:00 p.m. outside the Roosevelt Hotel.
SPD confirmed that Police Officer William Collins placed the assault rifle outside another squad trunk while loading his squad, then Lt. Deanna Nolette came out and drove away without noticing the weapon on her back trunk. Collins didn't immediately report the weapon missing, until the department discovered the mishap when multiple citizens called in and reported the weapon on top of a squad car trunk.
Gonzales even flagged down several bicycle SPD police officers and told them about the incident. SPD didn't confirm, if the weapon was loaded.
The SPD Office of Proffessional Accountability released a statement, "It is unacceptable that a rifle was left unattended on a patrol car and people should expect more from their police department."
An internal investigation was initiated by John Diaz, Chief of Police, according to KING 5 News.

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