Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Former Milwaukee County Supervisor Peggy West Pleaded Guilty To Felony Election Fraud

West under a plea agreement pleaded guilty to a felony charge for election fraud.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

August 8, 2018

Milwaukee, WI - On Wednesday, former Milwaukee County Supervisor Peggy Ann West, 47, entered a guilty plea for one felony count of election fraud, according to court records. West is scheduled for a sentencing hearing on September 26th. West is facing up to 3 years and 6 months in prison and up to $10,000 in fines, but under a plea agreement she could face less time in prison or probation.
According to the criminal complaint, West committed election fraud of certified nomination papers, stemming from forged nomination signatures. At least five people denied signing West's nomination papers and a property manager confirmed to police investigators that a former resident, Sonia Rivera had moved to Florida 4 years ago, but her name appeared in West's nomination papers. Another 16 people in the Milwaukee County Supervisor's 12th District also confirmed that they did sign West's nomination papers, but West didn't personally circulate the nomination papers as she certified that she did. Also, West's daughter, Elimiliana Lorenzo told police that her mother forged her name as a certified circulator in several nomination papers (pages 18-19) as well, according to the criminal complaint.
The criminal complaint states that on West's nomination page 16, the apartments listed for electors from 1 to 5 didn't exist at the building address and none of the electors listed from 6 to 10 lived at the address provided. In other words, West who signed and certified the nomination paper as the circulator allegedly fabricated the list of electors.
On West's nomination page 4, Jay Reinke told police that he partially circulated the sheet and got electors to sign from 1 to 6 and left 7 to 10 blank when he signed and certified the nomination paper as the circulator, but someone later managed to add electors from 7 to 10 without him knowing until police asked him about that page.

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