Monday, August 13, 2018

Democrat Marisabel Cabrera, Candidate For State Assembly Indicated White Owned Media Is More Legitimate News Source Than Latino Media


Cabrera who is running for State Assembly in the 9th District seems to prefer White owned commercialized media than Latino independent media.

Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

August 13, 2018

Milwaukee, WI - On Sunday, Marisabel Cabrera who is a candidate for the State Assembly in the 9th District and the Chairperson of the Fire and Police Commission indicated in a Facebook (FB) post that the JSonline could be considered a more reliable news source than a Latino independent media. The JSonline is a commercialized news source. 
Cabrera's concern was why wasn't Hispanic News Network U.S.A. (HNNUSA) publishing favorable articles about Earnell Lucas, a candidate for Milwaukee County Sheriff.
Apparently, Cabrera questioned why H. Nelson Goodson, who is a journalist for HNNUSA had posted multiple posts about Acting Milwaukee County Sheriff Richard Schmidt on his personal FB account. Goodson explained to Cabrera and others in the comment thread that he posted them because it was news worthy, that Schmidt as acting Sheriff had confirmed his stance on immigration policies, which won't implement the 287g ICE program and that he would serve and protect everyone despite having legal status in country or not. Cabrera is supporting Lucas for Sheriff.
Marisabel Cabrera wrote on Facebook: "H Nelson Goodson Perhaps your selective reporting of the news is one reason why you're not relied upon when folks make a statement to the media. There's no need to pay for an ad. Like I said, legitimate news outlets are reporting on this and other races and they report on all candidates involved in each race. What is your issue with Lucas?"
H. Nelson Goodson responded on FB: "Marisabel Cabrera, maybe I should write that Voces de la Frontera Action made false claims about immigration policy against acting Sheriff Schmidt in multiple videos in which Lucas is endorsed by them and Lucas seems to be complicit by not controlling VFLFA for using his name on the videos that included lies towards Schmidt to create panic in the Latino community. Now, that would be news, but I kept him out of it and now you guys are forcing the issue to be published.
VDLFA and Voces de la Frontera are known to fabricate false claims when convenient for them and using their non-profit e-mail account to send out political propaganda. Smh, well it figures, you prefer the JSonline as a legitimate commercialized source than Latino media."
The news preference for Cabrera was first initiated after Goodson posted: "Also Marisabel, when you released a letter to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about former Milwaukee Police Chief Flynn intent to apply show me your papers policy, you didn't release it to the Latino media. But when I attempted numerous times and even left messages on your phone to also release it to the Hispanic media, you never responded to my request to get a copy. Why, do you prefer JSonline, a White media source over the Latino media?
That's not very transparent for a Police Commissioner to the Latino community."
Cabrera wanted for HNNUSA to write about Lucas. 
Unfortunately, Cabrera attempted to indicate that HNNUSA wasn't a reliable Latino news source, but the JSonline is. Not to many Latinos read the JSonline and for Cabrera not to release the info sent to JSonline shows that she seems to lack transparency to the Latino community and she is running for the state Assembly and trying to gain the Hispanic vote in the 9th District. If elected, will she be transparent to the Latino community and to the Latino media?
Also, Cabrera posted in her FB account that Newly elected Milwaukee County Supervisor Sylvia Ortiz-Velez had endorsed her for the State Assembly, but HNNUSA has noticed that Cabrera herself failed to publicly endorsed Ortiz-Velez when she was a candidate for supervisor. Why?
Lastly, Goodson posted: "Marisabel Cabrera, I do wish you luck in the upcoming election, but sending that lit about Zepnick committing sexual assault might tilt the election in his favor. You made him look like a victim after he apologized and stopped drinking. Smh, just my opinion in the matter.
But, we will see what actually happens in election day."
Just in case Cabrera missed it, but she was on stage and present when Goodson was recognized and awarded a plaque of appreciation for news reporting at the Puerto Rican Family Festival (PRFF). The Puerto Rican community in Milwaukee and the PRFF believe that Goodson as a journalist, is a reliable and credible Hispanic news source in the community.
""¡Gracias!" Appreciation Award to Nelson Goodson in recognition of efforts to help provide food and supplies to our people in Puerto Rico. The people of Puerto Rico immeasurably appreciate your commitment and dedication to helping our island after the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria.
"On behalf of the Puerto Rican People in Wisconsin and Puerto Rico. We thank you.
"By Victor Huyke, President of the Puerto Rican Family Festival. Presented August 5, 2018."

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