Monday, April 11, 2016

White Elkhorn Racist Students Chanted Trump Racially Motivated Slurs At Beloit Afro-American And Latina Girls Soccer Team Players

Multiple racially motivated slurs were made by Elkhorn elementary and high school students during last Thursday's girls varsity exhibition soccer game between Beloit and Elkhorn soccer teams.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

April 11, 2016

Elkhorn, Wisconsin - On Monday, Jason Tadlock, District Administrator for the Elkhorn Area High School District released a statement that multiple elementary and high school students from Elkhorn have been identified for making and chanting racially and offensive Trump remarks to Beloit Afro-American and Latina Girls Soccer Team on Thursday's game in Elkhorn. Several Elkhorn students began chanting racially motivated slurs at soccer players from Beloit, "Donald Trump. built the wall" and other high school students began to repeat the racially motivated chants and Trump's name. Elkhorn was beating the Beloit team with a score of 5-0 and began to further humiliate the losing team by making racial slurs. Last year, when the teams played each other, Elkhorn students didn't make any racial slurs. This year, it seems the Elkhorn students were motivated by Trump's racist and bigoted campaign for the Republican nomination for president. 
The Elkhorn students involved in the chanting are White and most likely their parents support Trump. Trump lost the state in the Wisconsin Primary Election on April 5.
The Beloit Memorial girls varsity soccer team coach Brian Denu says, the Trump racially motivated slurs and chants were aimed at the Beloit soccer team, which has Afro-American and Latina players. Some members of the Beloit girls soccer team were shocked and distraught and couldn't finish the game when the Trump chants erupted near the side lines and bleachers.
Tadlock says, the students involved who chanted Trump racially motivated offensive remarks at Beloit soccer players will be disciplined, but will not release the specifics of action taken against the students. Tablock confirmed, racially motivated chants and derogatory comments by students will not be tolerated in the school district.

Jason Tablock's full statement released on Monday:

The Elkhorn Area School District was made aware of unsportsmanlike and potentially racially motivated comments during the varsity girls soccer match that took place on April 7th between Elkhorn Area High School and Beloit Memorial. As soon as the allegations were brought to our attention we began an investigation in conjunction with Beloit's administration.

At this time we can confirm that three elementary aged students who were sitting near Beloit fans said "Trump, build a wall". Later in the game two high school students stated back and forth "Trump" four to five times.

It has been reported that the game was stopped. Our investigation confirms that during the game, the game officials addressed one of our fans who yelled at a player, "you suck!" after a Beloit player allegedly made an inappropriate gesture toward the student section. We are awaiting further word from officials regarding what they heard and saw in relation to this interaction.

As previously stated any unsportsmanlike conduct or derogatory comments are not acceptable and not in line with our district's values. This is not acceptable and as a district we will address the behavior of those responsible, but will not release specifics of student disciplinary action taken. We apologize to the Beloit players, fans, and community that were hurt and offended by the comments and words of a few of our students.

Jason Tadlock
District Administrator

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