Saturday, April 16, 2016

Tropa F Cancels Gig At Tejano Conjunto Fest In México Over Alleged Threats

Tropa F, a Tejano band decided to cancel a gig in Mexico over perceived "life-threatening circumstances" once they crossed into Nuevo Laredo heading to Apodaca, Nuevo León.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

April 16, 2016

Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, Mexico - On Saturday, members of La Tropa Fe decided to cancel a gig at the Mezquital Social Center (MSC) in Apodaca, Nuevo León shortly after crossing into Mexico. Apodada is a city within the Monterrey metropolitan area. According to La Tropa F, as they were traveling from Nuevo Laredo to Apodaca on a local highway, they were stopped by some suspects in a truck who announced that they were going to rob them of cash. After the armed suspects let the band go, members of La Tropa F decided to turn around and head back to Laredo, Texas, U.S.A. and then notified their Facebook (FB) fans that they had canceled a Saturday gig at the MSC in Apodaca.
Tropa F posted the following messages on their official FB account, "On behalf of La Tropa F we would like to apologize to all our fans in Monterrey, Mexico due to life-threatening circumstances, La Tropa...will not be attending tonight's concert in Monterrey. The band has decided to cross back to U.S. soil. No amount of money is worth anyone's life and would like to say this was out of the hands of OK Promotions...We love our fans in Mexico, it's just hard to get to them...Sorry for the bands or promoters that disagree and feel that the show must go on at ANY COST, but for La Tropa F, a Band with over 5 decades of experience behind them " A Chance is not worth a Dollar " at least for those with experience know at anytime this could have had a different ending......"
Tejano Nation dot net reported that Tropa F released the following statement, "We crossed early this morning to Laredo Mx., not even 10 minutes in, a truck gets in front, stops in the middle of the road, guys walk up to the van and say 'don't run we just want money'. They asked who we were and the driver told them.  They let us go, but we think it was for a bigger setup they had further down the road.  So, we made the driver make a quick u-turn and get to the bridge where at least we were safe."
Tropa F did not released any information, whether the highway robbers in Mexico took any money, band equipment or valuables from the band members. No one in the band was reported hurt. 
La Tropa F confirmed that they will play at a scheduled gig in San Antonio, Texas on Sunday, April  16 at the Texas Explosion event. 

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