Monday, February 29, 2016

Video Captured Historic Moment When Madison Capitol Streets Were Closed During Day Without Latinos And Immigrants Rally

Thousands of people converged at the Madison Capitol during Day Without Latinos and Immigrants .

Miles de personas manifestaron en el Capitolio en Madison durante Día Sin Latinos y Inmigrantes.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

February 29, 2016

Madison, WI - Behind the scenes, as thousands of Latinos and non-Latinos begin to arrive at the Madison Capitol in Wisconsin to rally against several Republican anti-immigrant bills on February 18 and people converge on the streets surrounding the Capitol building, Primitivo Torres from Voces de la Frontera contacted police to shut down the streets around the Capitol and allow the crowds into the streets as a safety measure. Pastor José Dominguez and H. Nelson Goodson walked along with Torres during this historic moment and immigrant movement in the State of Wisconsin.

Detrás de la ensena, Primitivo Torres de Voces de la Frontera le aviso a la policía de Madison que cierre la calles alrededor del Capitolio de Madison en Wisconsin al tráfico como medio se seguridad y dejen a la gente tomar las calles durante una manifestación de 'Día sin Latinos e Inmigrantes' en contra dos proyectos de ley anti-inmigrante de legisladores Republicanos durante el 18 de Febrero en Madison. El Pastor José Dominguez y H. Nelson Goodson acompañaban a Torres en este momento histórico en la historia del inmigrante en el estado de Wisconsin.

Video: Historic moment when police closed streets to traffic at Madison Day without Latino rally

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