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Thousands Of Latino Taxpayers To Invade Wisconsin State Capitol In Protest Of GOP Anti-immigrant Bills

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R) and the Republican controlled legislature facing an invasion of thousands of Latino taxpayers who are very unhappy with several proposed anti-immigrant bills that will affect the economic well being of the state.

Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

February 15, 2016

Madison, WI - On Thursday, thousands of Latino taxpayers from throughout Wisconsin are expected to converge and invade the State Capitol in a peaceful protest against several anti-immigrant bills expected to be approved by both the State Assembly and the Senate on Tuesday, which both chambers are controlled by the Republicans. Voces de la Frontera (VDLF), an immigrant and worker rights organization is one of several groups sponsoring the peaceful takeover of the Madison State Capitol by immigrants in protest of the Republican controlled legislature push to pass legislative bills not friendly to Wisconsin dairy/agricultural farmers, Hispanics and the immigrant population in the state.
The mainstream media has not widely reported that many Latinos will not show up for work or open their businesses on Thursday as it is being labeled "Día Sin Latinos e Inmigrantes, Day without Latinos and Immigrants." 
Hispanics became the largest minority in Wisconsin last Summer surpassing the Afro-American population statewide.
VDLF announced that on Tuesday, the Wisconsin State Assembly will vote on AB450/SB369 and SB533/AB723, and the Senate will vote on SB533/AB723.
AB450/SB369 would lead police to investigate people's immigration status and detain undocumented people for deportation.
SB533/AB723 would block counties statewide from issuing local identification cards to people who cannot access state ID. 
Two opposing views among State Representative JoCasta Zamarripa (D-Milw.) and State Representative Yesenia Eldermira "Jessie" Rodriquez (R-Oak Creek), Zamarripa has been vocal against AB 450/AB 723 and Rodriguez votes along Republican party lines, which favor passing anti-immigrant bills.
The bills once passed by the Republican controlled legislature on Tuesday, they will head to Governor Walker for his signature of approval.

In an added note both in Spanish and English by H. Nelson Goodson, an immigration reform and immigrant rights activist and editor of Hispanic News Network U.S.A. (HNNUSA), "Una manera que puede influir una reforma de migración justa y combatir este tipo de racismo incluyendo leyes anti-inmigrantes es de aprender de gastar menos y apoyar los negocios cuales no apoyan en el estado.
"Si gastamos menos hasta que pasen una reforma justa nacional, pues les va doler en el bosillo a los anti-inmigrantes que son los Republicanos racistas.
"Gastamos más de $2 trillones de dólares en este país y ya es tiempo de manejar nuestro dinero para influir una reforma justa. La fuerza económica está en tu bolsillo. (Compartan este post si están de acuerdo mi gente)

"One way to help influence a just national comprehensive immigration reform and to fight against racism including anti-immigrant legislative bills is to spend less and spend only at businesses that support immigrants while also learning to manage our economic empowerment to influence reform.
"If we spend less until immigration reform is passed, it will certainly effect the pocket of the anti-immigrant and racist Republicans.
We spend more than $2 Trillion in the U.S., it is time to manage our economic power to influence  reform. Your economic power is in your pocket, use it to your benefit. (Share post, if you agree)"

Update: On Tuesday, the Wisconsin Assembly Bill 450 passed 62-35 by the Republican majority allowing law enforcement to report undocumented criminals charged with a crime to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). AB 450, which prohibits sanctuary cities (Milwaukee, Racine, Madison) was sent to the Senate for debate and a vote.

La mayoría de la Cámara de Diputados de Wisconsin con un voto de 62-35 aprobaron la ley AB 450 cual prohíbe ciudades de santuario en Milwaukee, Racine y Madison para indocumentados y ordena a departamentos de policías y de aguacil para denunciar a indocumentados arrestados y acusados de crímenes a la migra (ICE). La ley AB 450 fue enviada la Cámara del Senado estatal para debate y aprobar.

The Senate also passed SB 533 by a vote of 19-13. The ID bill goes before Governor Scott Walker for his signature to make it law.

La ley de ID's municipales con restricciones fue aprobada por el Senado estatal con un voto de 19-13. El Gobernador Scott Walker ahora le toca poner su firma para que se convierta ley en Wisconsin.

A partial list of businesses that will close on Thursday to allow employees to rally in Madison against the Republican anti-immigrant bills targeted at Hispanics living in Wisconsin.

 ● El Rey Grocery Stores (400 employees)

 ● La Hacienda Grocery Store on Chavez Dr.

 ● El Cabrito Restaurant on S. 11th Street

 ● Taqueria Arandas on S. 13

 ● Panaderia Lincoln

 ● Fiesta Salon and Spa

 ● MG Multiservicios on Chavez Drive

 ● Rivera's Western Wear on Chavez Dr. 

 ● Loncherias Charrito

 ● General Towing

 ● ACTS Housing

 ● Apocolyptic Tattoo Shop 

 ● La Carcacha Auto Shop

 ● El Tucanazo

 ● Fiesta Garibaldi

 ● Van Horn Latino

 ● Crystal Alteraciones

 ● Ropa Tradicional

 ● Mi Lupita Grocery

 ● Shalom Secondhand

 ● BA Handyman

 ● Celebrity’s Hall on W. Greenfield Ave.

 ● G&P Construction LLC

 ● JC King’s Tortas and Restaurant on S. 13th Street

 ● Compucell

 ● Nails On Point

 ● Mi Supermercado on S. 13th Street

 ● Panaderia El Sol on S. Muskego Ave.

 ● Carniceria Vargas

 ● Servicios M. Govea Steel Solutions (plasma cutter specialty of 70 employees)

 ● La Canoa on W. Lincoln Ave.

 ● La Fondita on W. Greenfield Ave.

 ● Flylda Travel on W. Mitchell St.

 ● El Beso Mexican Restaurant in Greenfield

 ● Chicken Palace in Milwaukee

 ● National Liquor

 ● La Caleta Restaurant

 ● FatValdys

 ● RealMex

 ● El Mañanero Newspaper

 ● Ruiz Drywall in Wausau

 ● Restaurant Bar La Niñera 

 ● Candelas Bar Jimenez

 ● D'Ruben's Hair Salon on S. 13th Street

 ● Tres Hermanos Restaurant on W. Lincoln Ave. 

 ● McDonald's Restaurant in Middleton

 In Madison

 ● Le Petit Croissant

 ● La Conchas

 ● Mercado Marimar

 ● El Jalapeño

 ● Pancake House

 ● La Brioche True Foods

 ● Latino Academy

 ● Lotus Nails Bar and Spa

 ● Los Gemelos Restaurant

 ● El Pastor Restaurant

 ● Ladybug Learning Center

 ● Quivy's Restaurant

 ● Original Pancake House 

● Mami Familia Daycare

 ● Castro Law Firm

Update video: Latino Taxpayers Rallied In Madison, WI Against Anti-immigrant Bills

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