Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Jimmy Graves, Bandidos M.C. Leader Resigns As Chairman Of Texas Biker Rights Group

Graves, the Bandidos M.C. leader in Texas resigned from the Texas Confederation of Clubs and Independents, a biker lobbying rights group.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

February 3, 2016

Austin, Texas - On Wednesday, Jimmy Graves, aka, "Gimmi Jimmy" the leader of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club or Bandidos Red and Gold Nation announced that he has resigned as the chairman of the state biker lobbying rights group known as the Texas Confederation of Clubs and Independents (TCOC&I). Graves stated, "Due to the recent atrocities against the biker community and our lifestyle in Texas, and due to the pressure being applied to the Confederation of Clubs, a collective decision was made that is in the best interest of the COC&I for the protection of all that it does to protect and fight for our rights as bikers.
"With that, I, Gimmi Jimmy, respectfully and honorably resign from all leadership from the COC&I but will continue to be a member. I want to continue to see it grow for the future of motorcycle rights and our freedom to ride."
The TCOC&I on May 17, 2015 had a meeting scheduled at the Twin Peaks Restaurant in Waco to discuss biker issues and legislation pending when the Cossacks and Scimitars M.Cs arrived to the meeting and a brawl broke out with members of the Bandidos in the parking lot. Shots were fired and Waco police who were across the street watching the biker groups attending the TCCO&I meeting responded and killed at least 6 bikers of the nine that were reported killed. Eight Cossacks including Scimitars and one Bandidos member were killed.
Most bikers arrested were indicted with the same frivolous felony charges for engaging in organized criminal activity resulting in murder and assault by Waco Police Detective Manuel Chavez. A totaled of 186 bikers from various motorcycle clubs and groups were arrested. In November, 106 were indicted and actually charged with the same crime. 
The corrupt Waco Police and the McLennan County District Attorney's office and including certain judges and Justices of the Peace set $1M bail for each biker and weeks later reduce their bail, but sealed all the indictments. So far, they have not release video surveillance of the biker brawl and police execution of innocent and unarmed bikers that were killed at the Twin Peaks. At least 20 other bikes were wounded by police gunfire. The FBI has the video of the actual shooting by Waco police, but has not been released as an attempt to cover-up the biker massacre in May. All the defendants in the Twin Peaks case had been ordered by a Waco judge not to discuss the cases with media or the public. Several defendants have come out publicly and revealed the injustice that they are going through in the Waco court system in McLennan County and the failure of the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate the alleged corruption, murders committed by Waco police officers and the illegal judicial process by which all the bikers were indicted.
The bikers were arrested by police for just wearing their motorcycle club colors and attending the TCOC&I scheduled meeting. Many of the bikers who were charged lost their jobs because they were held for weeks without being able to post the $1M dollar bail set by Waco Justice of the Peace Walter H. Peterson who unlawfully set the high bail. Peterson could not preside over felony cases, according to Texas state law. Graves wasn't taken into custody because he arrived late at the scene.
A class action lawsuit by the bikers arrested in Waco is expected to be filed soon against McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna, the Waco Police Department, Waco Police Detective Manuel Chavez for filing frivolous identical charges in most cases and the City of Waco.

The following nine victims were reported killed during the Twin Peaks Restaurant biker altercation between the Bandidos, Cassacks and Scimitars M.C.s in Waco, Texas. At least six bikers were fatally shot by Waco police.

● Daniel Raymond Boyett, 44, shot in the head. (Cossacks M.C.)

● Wayne Lee Campbell, 43, shot in the head. (Cossacks M.C.)

● Richard Mathew Jordan Jr., 31, shot in the head.

● Richard Vincent Kirshner Jr., 47. (Cossacks M.C.)

● Jacob Lee Rhyne, 39, shot in the neck. (Cossacks M.C.)

● Jesús Delgado Rodríguez, 65, shot in the head. (Bandidos M.C. affiliate) Rodríguez was a Purple Heart recipient.

● Manuel Issac Rodríguez, 40. (Bandidos M.C.)

● Charles Wayne Russell, 46, shot in the chest. (Cossacks M.C.)

● Matthew Mark Smith, 27. (Cossacks M.C.)

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