Monday, April 13, 2015

San Diego MTS Cop Confiscated Discount Trolley Transit Pass From Wheelchair Bound Man

A San Diego wheelchair-bound man had his trolley transit pass confiscated by an MTS cop for lack of proof he is disabled.

By H. Nelson Goodson 
April 13, 2015

San Diego, California - On Friday, Joseph "Joey" Canales, 31, of San Diego had his Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) trolley and bus discount transit pass confiscated by MTS Officer Gross at a boarding area after lack of proof of being disabled. Canales who is wheelchair-bound has been disabled since three days old, but was not carrying any kind of proof that he was actually disabled other than his wheelchair.
Canales video recorded when MTS Officer Gross cited him and confiscated his trolley pass making it difficult for him to go to work. The video has since gone viral on the social networks. Canales says that another incident happened to a blind man with a walking cane, his pass was also confiscated and cited because he couldn't proof he was blind. Canales posted on his Facebook account that "A city worker recognized me on the way to work. He told me to keep up the fight as he recounted witnessing a blind man being written a ticket for not having a transit ID."
In a statement released by MTS says, that all passenger's with discount transit passes are required to carry proof of disability. The MTS issues ID's of disability for $7.
Canales says, that common sense by MTS officers should be used and that he is not trying to scam MTS, but is looking to change its policy. He doesn't blame MTS Officer Gross for doing his job and who acted professional, but common sense should have been used, MTS disagrees.
Having been issued a discount MTS transit pass should be sufficient proof he is disabled. The passes are only issued to disable passengers and senior citizens some might argue as well.

Man in wheelchair stripped of transit trolley and buss pass for not proving disability:

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