Sunday, April 12, 2015

Lo Yen City Chinese Restaurant In Tijuana Served Dog Meat To Unsuspecting Customers

Tijuana police arrested Lo Yen City Restaurant employees, cooks and owner after it was discovered that prepared Chinese food sold to local customers had dog meat.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

April 12, 2015

Tijuana, Baja California - On Friday, five employees including the owner, Yu Yu Chou of the Lo Yen City Chinese Restaurant were released from jail after they were arrested on Tuesday for serving dog meat in food. A customer called authorities and complained that dog meat was being served to local customers. 
A customer at the restaurant heard a dog barking and sounded like it was suffering, when the customer went and looked he saw a cook ready to kill and cook the dog.
Authorities arrived and an inspection of the restaurant determined that dogs were being killed and served in Chinese food sold at the restaurant. A dog carcass was found and chopped up dog meat was ready to be cook in the woks. The owner and two cooks are Chinese nationals and a waitress, including an assistant cook are Mexican nationals.
The restaurant was closed and authorities say that the Yu Chou did not have a permit to operate a restaurant. Mexican authorities are looking whether the three Chinese nationals were legally in Mexico.
A Chinese Consulate employee said, that the owner had killed the dogs for personal food consumption, but authorities suspect the dog meat was prepared with food served to customers.
Yu Chou was released after posting $70K pesos ($4,700 U.S.) cash bail. The employees were released and won't be charged. Authorities say, the four employees were not responsible for killing and serving dog meat in food.
Every year thousands of dogs are stolen, picked up as strays and then killed for food consumption in China, Vietnam and Korea.

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