Saturday, April 18, 2015

El Gafe, Gulf Cartel Leader Arrested By Mexican Feds After Gun Battle In Reynosa

The Gulf Cartel setup ten road blocks and attacked members of the Mexican military and Federal Police in Reynosa.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

April 18, 2015

Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico - On Friday, an estimated 60 members of the Gulf Cartel attempted to rescue fellow members and one of its leaders that were taken into custody by the Mexican military and Federal Police by setting up 10 road blocks and burning vehicles. In the gun battle, three armed suspects were reported killed and several state police officers were injured, according to authorities.
Valor por Tamaulipas reported that an innocent man was also killed by a stray bullet during the reported gun battle near the Bridge of Death in Reynosa. People heard the gun fire between feds and suspects. The bystanders by a bus stop fell to the ground for cover, but the victim failed to react quickly and was fatally shot.
The suspects tried to attacked a secure government instalation, but failed after they were repelled by the military, Federal Police and the Tamaulipas State Police. Authorities confiscated grenades, weapons and more than $278K in cash.
The suspects in custody are José Tibúrcio Hernández Fuentes, aka, "El Gafe", one of the leaders of the Gulf Cartel in charge of the Reynosa area, Javier Martin Anguiano Toledo, José Gilberto Zamarripa Vallejo and David Salgado García were taken to Mexico, D.F. for further processing at the Federal Investigation Agency for Organized Crime (SIEDO), Monte Alejandro Rubido, the Mexican Secretary of Governance reported.

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