Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Two Million Of Undocumented Immigrants Deported By ICE Under The Obama Administration

Obama and Democrats have failed to pass immigration reform, but his administration has succeeded in deporting 2 million of undocumented immigrants. 

By H. Nelson Goodson
October 23, 2013

Washington, D.C. - In one week, ICE will have deported 2M of undocumented immigrants under the Obama administration. Only two months and several days left to end 2013, President Barack H. Obama and the Democrats are running low on fuel and innovative ways to help pass immigration reform in 2013.
A group of conservative business owners and major corporate CEO's and other groups will be in Washington, D.C. to lobby for immigration reform on October 28, according to media reports. Most of those conservatives involved are Republicans and they are expected to talk to members of the U.S. House GOP about approving a comprehensive immigration reform bill. Will they succeed where others have failed?, only time will tell. 
The fact is that ICE continues to detain and deport undocumented immigrants in the U.S., which the agency was designed to do. But in recent years, ICE has engaged in illegal activity in many parts of the country and its media relations department continues to deny illegal activity even when certain cases are documented, reported and exposed. One significant case was the Moises Roger Mory-Lamas case in 2010, where Mory-Lamas was forced by three ICE agents to go to a Peruvian consulate and made him sign an ACT document to be removed from the U.S. Mory-Lamas was in the process of trying to get legal status. 
Mory-Lamas accused, Peruvian Consul Beoutis, and three ICE agents identified in the ACT signatures as Juan Mezarina, Oscar Torres and James Laforge of violating his rights, under immigration law and the U.S. Constitution.
A Peruvian citizen has a right to enter a Peruvian Consulate for official purposes, but with U.S. agents as escorts is considered illegal, and they have no diplomatic status to sign such an Act inside the Consulate, considered foreign soil.
ICE agents deported Mory-Lamas to Peru, despite a pending immigration appeal case and a petition for amnesty, including residency and work authorization until 2011. 
In November 2010, Mory-Lamas received a letter from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) in his residence in West New York informing him of an interview for November 16, but he was already deported on September 9.
Mory-Lamas had fought and challenged his deportation for more than 11 years.
ICE spent more than $400,000 in the Mory-Lamas case alone, including flight passages for two ICE agents to accompanied him to Peru.
ICE isn't suppose to deport anyone while in the process of getting legal status. In the Mory-Lamas case, ICE deported Mory-Lamas, despite any pending case to seek legal status.
ICE deportation data indicates that a majority were deported for non-criminal offenses contradicting the ICE current priorities. ICE's has said, that only those deemed to be a threat to the U.S., gang members, violent and drug related criminals are being deported. ICE has become the most corrupted agency engaging in rogue criminal activity in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and its agents are never sanction, discipline, terminated or convicted of violating the Constitutional rights of detainees by coercion, illegal acts, warrant less home invasions including arrests at private properties and U.S. County courts. The U.S. Congress has yet to investigate such gross violations by ICE and to implement laws to hold ICE agents and its supervisors accountable for many widely documented and reported illegal acts by ICE agents.
Recently in Bakersfield, CA, the ICE office based agents have been illegally arresting non-criminal immigrants at the Kern County Court Houses while paying traffic citations, attending court hearings or getting married, according to the ACLU. The ACLU also claims that ICE agents have been arresting suspected undocumented immigrants in Santa Clara, CA County courts without warrants as in Kern County.
In Tucson, Arizona, an Operation Streamline Court managed by ICE gets to convict between 80 to 180 of undocumented immigrants at once. An immigration judge sentences all to 30-130 days in jail at private immigration prisons before they are removed from the U.S. Not1More activists who staged a protest in early October and blocked several immigration buses transporting undocumented immigrants to the Streamline Court say, the immigrants are denied due process, appeals, legal advice by attorneys or family members including the Mexican Consulate.
In 2012, a total of 409,849 were deported including 184,459 non-criminals; in 2011, 391,953 were deported including 203,571 non-criminals and in 2010, 385,100 were deported including 215,444 non-criminals were removed from the U.S. under the Obama administration. 

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