Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Former Female Racine Correctional Workers Charged For Sexual Assault Of An Inmate

Karina Herrera, Lisa Hawkins and Mario Barrios

Both former corrections staff workers facing 40 years each, if convicted.

By H. Nelson Goodson
October 22, 2013

Racine, WI - On Tuesday, Karina Herrera, 40, and Lisa Hawkins, 33, appeared in a Racine County court for a bond hearing after they were both charged separately for having sexual contact with Mario Barrios, 39, an inmate at the Racine Correctional Institution. Barrios was convicted in 1995 for two felony counts, 1st-degree reckless homicide and physical child abuse. He pleaded no contest to both charges.
Herrera was charged on September 30, with two felony counts, one for 2nd-degree sexual assault of an inmate by corrections staff and a second count for delivery of illegal articles to an inmate. A $2,000 signature bond was set for Herrera on Tuesday. She is expected back in court on November 7.
Herrera is accused of providing a cellphone to Barrios last year in exchange for having sex with him. Barrios has admitted to investigators that Herrera gave him the cellphone and that he also had sexual contact with Hawkins various times.
A routine search of Barrios cell led to the discovery of three SD memory cards that contained pornographic photos and videos showing Herrera performing sex acts to Barrios. Barrios attempted to dispose of the SD's by flushing them down the toilet, but was intercepted and the memory cards were recovered by the guards.
Hawkins was also charged with one felony count for 2nd-degree sexual assault of an inmate by corrections staff and one misdemeanor count for resisting or obstructing an officer. A judge set a $2,000 signature bond for Hawkins on Tuesday and she is expected back in court on November 14, according to court records.
Hawkins worked as a nurse for Guardian Health Care at the Racine Correctional Institution and Herrera worked in the health services unit at the correctional institution. 
Both Herrera and Hawkins are facing up to 40 years each in prison, if convicted.
Barrios has since been transferred to the Kettle Moraine Correctional Institution, according to court records.

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