Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Belgium Officials Set Movie Trap To Capture Somalian Pirate Kingpin

Mohamed Abdi Hussan, aka, "Big Mouth"

Belgium government law enforcement officials pretended to be a movie group interested  in doing a documentary about the Somalian pirate kingpin.

By H. Nelson Goodson
October 15, 2013

Brussels,  Belgium - Government prosecutors in Belgium announced the arrest of Somalian pirate kingpin Mohamed Abdi Hussan, aka, "Big Mouth." Hussan was taken into custody by Belgian federal police moments after landing in Brussels on Saturday. He apparently believed he was going to be a chief advisor in movie documentary about his life as a pirate kingpin, but instead was a calculated trap by Belgian law enforcement officials to lure Hussan into country to arrest him.
Belgium had issued an international warrant for Hussan after he mastermind the boarding and hijacking of a Belgian dredger named th Pompei in 2009.
The pirates held the Pompei crew for 77 days and then were released.
Along with Hussan and another man identified as Mohamed Aden, aka, "Tiiceey" was taken into custody as well and both were taken to Bruges to face charges for hijacking, kidnapping and being members of a criminal organization, according to Belgian federal prosecutor Johan Delmulle.
The Somalian pirates have collected more than $160M in ransom from hijacking, attacking cargo and commercial ships, yachts  and tourists vessels along the Arbian Sea and Indian ocean. They have contributed to a cost of $7B loss for the global economy.

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