Friday, October 18, 2013

16-day National Economic Shutdown To Influence U.S. House GOP To Pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill

Take action, spread the word and repost: The U.S. Congress lifted the $16.7T debt ceiling after a 16 day government shutdown, now comes La Raza with its power to engage in a historical national massive economic shutdown in response to the U.S. House GOP failure to approve a just immigration reform bill. As Hispanics or Latinos, we have long been ignored by the House GOP, its time to stop shopping and overly spending for the next 16 days to flex our economic influence and power to finally push for the passage of a comprehensive immigration reform bill. The time is ripe and right to act! Join me in this human rights struggle Raza!, "... "Nuestro dinero compra y pocos se hacen ricos con nuestra labor barata, pero en acción unida de no compras y gastar poco nos da el poder economico de hacer el cambio para mejorar nuestras oportunidades y crear el camino para un mejor futuro para nuestros hijos/as con el esfuerso de nuestro sudor y valentia de luchar para nuestra justicia y al paso a la reforma para nuestra gente."  H. Nelson Goodson supports and approves this action and economic shutdown.

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