Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hit-and-Run SUV Driver Plows Over NY Motorcycle Riders Leaving One Paralyze

Alexian Lien and Edwin Mieses

SUV driver rear ended biker who slowed down after an SUV driver got to close, according to YouTube video of Sunday's incident.

By H. Nelson Goodson
October 1, 2013

Manhattan, NY - On Sunday, Alexian Lien, 33, who was driving his SUV Range Rover along the Manhattan highway with his wife, Rosalyn and 2-year-old child apparently got some biker justice after rear ending Christopher Cruz, 28, of New Jersey. Lien got to close to Cruz who was riding his sports bike and the incident caused Cruz to gesture at Lien. Cruz slowed down in front of the SUV and it seems Lien just kept going and rear ended him, according to the YouTube footage recorded by another biker.
The highway incident made other bikers stopped to help Cruz, but Lien wouldn't get out of his vehicle and panicked. Other bikers tried to get Lien out to face what he had done, but Lien was very uncooperative. Lien was attempting to flee the scene when bikers near the SUV tried to stop him by hitting the vehicle with helmets and slashing the tires, so he couldn't leave the scene.
Lien in a panick mode, according to police decided to press on the gas pedal to get out of the situation quickly, but ran over several other motorcycles, striking bikers and running over a biker. 
Edwin "Jay" Mieses is seen getting of his bike to help Cruz who suffered minor injuries when Lien in a driving frenzy ran over Mieses and broke both of his legs. Mieses family told media outlets that he is paralyzed and won't walk again. He also suffered bruised lungs, including spine fractures and was in a medically induced-coma St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital, according to doctors who say he might not walk again.
Mieses has two children ages 10 and 14, according to family members.
Cruz was arrested by police and is facing misdeamenor charges for reckless driving, icluding endangerment and endangering the welfare of a child for initiating what police are calling a rode rage that extended through a 50 block chase by more than 30 bikers who went after Lien for the hit-and-run incident. No police were in the area for at least 6 minutes, according to the YouTube footage that went viral. 
Another biker turned himself to police, Ellen Edwards, 28, of Queens was  also questioned by police. Edwards was facing charges for reckless endangerment, criminal mischief and menacing, but was released without pending charges,  according to police.
Witnesses say, that Lien was driving fast and wouldn't slow.
Police haven't provided information, if Lien attempted to call for help after striking Cruz. 
Lien hasn't been charged for a hit-and-run or striking Cruz, Mieses and other bikers including running over multiple motorcycles. 
Police continue to investigate the incident that left Lien beat up, with a slashed face and chest. Authorities are looking for another biker who was captured on video hitting and breaking Lien's door window with a helmet after Lien took a side street and got stuck in traffic. Lien's wife and child were not hurt in the incident.
NY police say more than 50 bikers were out with a biker group called the Hollywood Stuntz who organized a rally ride for the group on Sunday without a permit when the incident occurred. 
At least 30 other bikers are being sought by police in connection with Lien's beating, chase, slashing after he caused a hit-and-run incident. 
NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly told media that Lien fled the scene because he feared for his life and safety of his family. 
As many hit-and-run drivers do after causing serious injury and damage to other people, according to a police source.

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