Thursday, October 10, 2013

Dismembered Body Of Missing Honduran Man Found By Chicago Police In A Southside Backyard

Daisy Gutiérrez,  Salvador Gutiérrez, José Reyes Ramos and Jorge Monaca Ramos

Foul odor and smelly buried dismembered corpse in backyard alerted neighbors to call police.

By H. Nelson Goodson
October 10, 2013

Chicago, Illinois - Last Friday, Chicago police detectives after executing a warrant dug up multiple plastic garbage bags containing the decaying dismemberment body parts of José Reyes Ramos, 30, of Honduras. Daisy Gutiérrez, 19, of Chicago was charged with first-degree murder and her father Salvador Gutiérrez, 56, of Chicago has been charged with hiding a corpse. Both suspects are from Mexico. Salvador is being held on a $500,000 cash bond and Daisy on a $2M cash bond.
Daisy's current boyfriend, Milton J. Miranda, 28, aka, "Wilton Silvera or Milton Miranda-Protillo," of Honduras was also charged for the May 21, Ramos' homicide, but had fled the state.
Miranda was arrested on Saturday in Morris County in New Jersey on a domestic warrant for failing to show up for court, when authorities later discovered that he was also wanted in connection for a Chicago homicide. Miranda is being held until he is extradited to Illinois. Both Daisy and Miranda went to New Jersey shortly after killing Ramos, according to Chicago authorities. 
Daisy is being held at a Cook County jail medical facility because she is three months pregnant. Both Daisy and her father confessed to authorities about the homicide.
Daisy told homicide investigators that about five months ago, she invited Ramos to her residence at 5100 block of S. Springfield Avenue. While she was undressing in her bedroom as Ramos watched, her current boyfriend, Miranda walked in and hit Ramos with a pipe and then slid his throat. 
She later contacted her father about the murder. He came over and watched Miranda dismember Ramos. They took the body parts in bags to Salvador's home. Salvador took three hours to dig up a hole in his backyard at the 8300 block of S. Scottsdale Avenue and then buried the corpse.
Last Saturday, neighbors called authorities that a bad smell was coming from Salvador's backyard. When authorities dug up the area where the smell was coming from, they found Ramos body parts in bags.
Jorge Monaca Ramos, 28, of Honduras, who is José's brother had dated Daisy for three years and had two children, now ages 2 and 1. Daisy has another 3-year-old child and is expecting another one.
They separated after a rocky relationship that Jorge says, it was Daisy's jealousy and threats of killing members of my family, which led to the separation.
Jorge even changed his phone number to stop Daisy from calling him and leaving threatening text messages that he was going to be sorry and pay for splitting up. Ramos went missing in May and missing person flyers of Ramos were distributed in the neighborhood,  according to Jorge.

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