Thursday, November 1, 2012

Forgotten Americans: State of Economic And Unemployment Crisis

Mitt Romney and President Barack H. Obama

The U.S. Government has failed to provide economic aid for the countless of unemployed with no means of income to survive during the unemployment crisis.

By H. Nelson Goodson
November 1, 2012

Washington, D.C. - Today more than half of those American workers collecting unemployment benefits don't receive any benefits. Millions of unemployed Americans no longer collect unemployment compensation insurance due to having exhausted their state and extended federal benefits. They have been left penniless by the U.S. Congress, states and the Obama administration. Unemployed Americans with no means to generate income have become the forgotten Americans who continue to struggle day by day to find jobs, food and earned some type of un-taxable income to support themselves and their families. Neither the U.S. Government or presidential candidates, President Barack H. Obama (D), who is running for re-election and former Governor Mitt Romney (R) have offered any type of temperary or long term aid (social welfare programs) for these Americans suffering economic hardships in recent years.
On Tuesday, Americans will choose the next president to lead this country into prosperity. While the Republican and Democratic candidates for president have promised more jobs and to get this country out of the recent recession, none have actually addressed the most crucial crisis affecting a segment of Americans today. Which is the staggering numbers of jobless Americans with no means of economic support at no fault of their own. 
Once unemployed workers exhaust their unemployment compensation insurance, including state and federal extensions, they fall out of the unemployed statistics and disappear into limbo. 
They become part of an existing and growing ghost population in the U.S. The alarming numbers of the ghost population in the U.S. are difficult to provide or estimate, since the U.S. government doesn't keep track of them once they fall out from the unemployment statistics kept for those collecting some kind of compensation insurance and benefits.
Many Americans become homeless and nomads reaching alarming numbers leading to a growing ghost population. The traditional homeless population has no doubt become part of the ghost population as well and most are likely not vote in the November elections.
They've become the forgotten Americans that have fallen through the economic cracks during recent years. America should not forget these unfortunate Americans that have been left behind to suffer by both state and federal governments.

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