Friday, November 9, 2012

14 Mexican Federal Police Officers Charged For Attempted Murder Of Two Americans And Mexican Naval Officer

A Mexican federal judge issued warrants for 14 members of the Federal Police involved in the August attempted homicide of two U.S. Embassy workers and a Mexican naval officer near Huitzilac, Morelos.

By H. Nelson Goodson
November 9, 2012

Mexico City, Mexico - On Friday, the federal Mexican Attorney General's Office announced that a federal judge has issued arrest warrants for 14 members of the Federal Police stationed at the Tlalpan district station. The Federal Police officers allegedly attempted to kill two U.S. Embassy workers (CIA) and a Mexican naval captain on August 24, 2012. 
The two Americans and a naval officer were driving along the Mexico-Cuernavaca federal highway near Huitzilac, Morelos when the attack occurred. They were headed to a naval campound when they were pursued by multiple vehicles with men firing at their U.S. diplomatic license plate armoured black Cruiser. The diplomatic vehicle had 152 bullet impact damage on it and the three men on the vehicle survived. One American was injured in the gunfire assault.
The Mexican naval officer traveling with the two Americans was able to call for backup and other Federal Police officers, including naval personal responded to the scene.
The Federal Police officers involved told investigators at the scene that they thought they were pursuing kidnappers. All the officers in the gunfire assault were dressed in civilian clothes and were driving unmarked personal vehicles. When they were ordered to report to a federal police and ministry government building for further investigation of the shooting, the 14 officers arrived in full Federal Police uniforms and drove their assigned squad cars.
Federal investigators say, by arriving in uniform and showing up with their squads drew a red flag and it was later determined that the accused were trying to obstruct the investigation. 
The 14 Federal Police officers were charged with three counts of attempted murder and damage to property, including giving false information and an administrative worker at the Tlalpan Federal Police station was charged with unauthorised use of weapon exclusively used by the military.
The officers charged are also accused of having ties to organized crime.

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