Friday, March 2, 2012

Woman Who Posted YouTube Video About Hating Laredo, Returned Again To Officially Move Out

Sara Walls

Laredo won't miss Walls who kept ranting about daily life in the bordertown.

By H. Nelson Goodson
March 2, 2012

Laredo, Texas - Last Monday, local Pro 8 News (KGNS) reported that Sara Walls, whose YouTube video about hating to live in Laredo went viral in early February on the Internet returned to her residence. She actually returned to the bordertown with a U-haul truck to officially move out of Laredo.
No confirmation was made, if Walls went shopping to Nuevo Laredo, Mexico for one last time or if she had bought any menudo to take back to Colorado. The only impromptu welcoming committee was Pro 8 News who tried to interview her, but she would not comment and only slammed the car door on the news crew.
Walls came back to Laredo quietly and left without making a sound. Did she learned her lesson about keeping her opinions to herself?, time will only tell. She previously gained notoriety for her racially charged comments about Mexicans visiting Laredo, including to harshly rant and degrade the life style, food and culture of Mexican-Americans living in the bordertown.
She actually doesn't care what people think of her and her 8 minute YouTube ranting about Laredo, according to her husband. The citizens, public officials and mayor of Laredo might take notice of losing a few members of the population, but Laredo as a bordertown will most likely gain population on the long run due to its gradual economic growth and low crime statistics.
On February 4th,  Walls posted an 8 minute video ranting on Laredo's high crime wave, didn't like Mexican men, people driving with Mexican plates, she couldn't understand Spanish, because most people speak Spanish and they are in U.S. and should speak English, superstitions (about evil eye), wouldn't recommend White people to move or visit Laredo and didn't like the food, especially menudo because it tastes like shit. She goes on ranting with a long list why she didn't like Laredo. The video was deemed so offensive and racist by Laredoans who became offended and condemned it.
The video even drew comments from Mayor Raul Salinas on News 92 FM radio. Salinas said, Sara crossed the line of freedom of speech and engaged in hate, made remarks deemed as racist, she seemed very insecure in the video. Salinas says, that 97% of the population is Mexican-American and Laredo is a bilingual and bicultural bordertown. Laredo has very hard working people and the lowest crime rate in Texas according to Salinas.

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