Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Proliferation Of Marijuana Smoking In Public Gaining Popularity In Milwaukee's South Side

Citing or arresting marijuana smokers who burn a few in public has become a low priority for the Milwaukee Police Department, according to south side residents.

By H. Nelson Goodson
March 20, 2012

Milwaukee - The warm weather came early and Spring has finally arrived. Residents in the near south side are noticing a proliferation of marijuana smokers who light up a few in public. The distinctive smell can be easily identified as marijuana.
Teenagers and adults have become so daring that they just light up a joint anywhere they please. Several days ago, around 6 to 8 teens sat on the north side of the Kosciuszko Park monument facing the 900 block of W. Lincoln Ave. and just lit up some joints as children played in the park.
People walking, bicycling or cruising around the neighborhood have at one time or other noticed someone burning up a joint.
Resident have seen a lack of drug enforcement by Milwaukee police due to classifying marijuana smoking in public a low priority has conveyed a strong message to those marijuana users that its ok to light one up in public.
It's unfortunate to hear a teenager telling a child, "pass the joint."

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