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Juarez Files Campaign Financial Limit Violations Against Alderman Donovan In An Attempt To Oust Him

Benjamin Juarez

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Candidate attempts to oust incumbent by filing campaign contribution over the limit violations.

By H. Nelson Goodson
March 12, 2012

Milwaukee - On Monday, Benjamin Juarez, a candidate in the 8th Aldermanic District filed a financial campaign complaint with the Milwaukee Election Commission targeting the incumbent, Alderman Robert "Bob" Donovan. Juarez is claiming that Alderman Donovan has continued a pattern of receiving over the limit campaign contributions by businesses and contributors.
Previously, Donovan has been forced to return over the limit contributions, but no penalties have been imposed or reported. Juarez will submit a copy of Donovan's complaint to the Milwaukee County District Attorney's (DA) office for possible consideration into looking at Donovan's over the limit campaign finance contributions reported on his election campaign reports, which are public. Most likely, Donovan will only be ordered to return over the limit contributions to those making them, if found that he indeed violated campaign financial limits.
In most over the limit finance contribution cases, candidates usually return those contributions avoiding any penalties or action by the Milwaukee Election Commission or DA.
Juarez says, that it's unfair to allow Donovan to receive more than the campaign contribution limits allowed. Since, Juarez is running short in raising campaign funds to run a competitive campaign to challenge Donovan.
Juarez is attempting to oust Donovan who received more than 3-1 votes on the Primary election and is running strong in the 8th District and is expected to get re-elected on April 3.
Most constituents, including Latinos support Donovan, because he has been able to raise funds to place surveillance cameras around busy areas in the district to prevent crime, earning him the crimefighting Bob label. In contrary to other city aldermen, Donovan actually walks several times a week around the district to confront issues (crime, nuisance, drug houses and trash) before they escalate into problems that would affect the neigborhood, according to constituents.
On the February 21, Primary election, Alderman Donovan received 60% of the vote, totaling 935 votes and Juarez received 30% of the vote totaling 309 votes.
Alderman Donovan on Monday said, on occassion people contribute over the limit campaign donations allowed and they are identified and we then return exceeded contributions. Donovan admitted, he has never been penalized for receiving over the limit contributions, which are always returned to those donating them. Exceeded donations do not occur on a regular pattern as Juarez is trying to portray. Campaign contributions are accumulated through a four year cycle. Juarez is just trying to get some attention to his campaign, according to Alderman Donovan.

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