Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Independent Riders of Milwaukee Motorcycle Group Celebrates 14th Anniversary Of Riding Free

Photo: (L-R) H. Nelson Goodson, Joselito Velez and Eduardo Velez, Co-founders of Independent Riders of Milwaukee.

Photo: Leslie Velez

The Independent Riders adventure continues the legend.

March 14, 2012

Milwaukee (HNNUSA)-  On Wednesday, the Independent Riders from Milwaukee, Wisconsin gathered to acknowledge their 14th Anniversary. The Milwaukee chapter was first initiated on February 26, 1998, but the official membership drive began on March 14, 1998 by three Hispanic Co-founders, H. Nelson Goodson, Joselito Velez and Eduardo Velez. Most of the Independent Riders ride Harley-Davidson (HD) motorcycles, but membership is not limited to only HD riders.
The Independent Riders motorcycle group provided an opportunity for riders to organize trips, ride to motorcycle rallies and travel throughtout the U.S. and other countries without being identified as a club. The group later expanded to Tallahasee, Florida, where another co-founder Max "Tito" Rivera established a chapter.
Joselito Velez said, "It's been a good 14 years of outdoor motorcycle riding and congrats to the Independent Riders on our 14th Anniversary."
Eduardo Velez said, "Happy 14th Anniversary to all my brothers from Milwaukee, Tallahasee and everyone else. It's been a good 14 years of riding and wishing a lot more years to come. Ride safe and enjoy life, that's what its all about."
"It's incredible that after 14 years of riding as a group, we continue to be Independent Riders that ride free and without boundaries or borders. The adventure began in 1998, today we celebrate and tomorrow new horizons will guide us to new adventures," H. Nelson Goodson said.
Since 1998, many other riding groups throughout the U.S. and other countries have started their own Independent Riders group to ride free and enjoy motorcycle riding, especially the festivities and parties associated with motorcycle gatherings.

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