Monday, March 5, 2012

23-year-old Obese Man Posted YouTube Video Pleading For Help To Lose Weight

Robert Gibbs

Dr. Phil and several weight-loss experts answer call for help from 23-year-old obese man.

By H. Nelson Goodson
March 5, 2012

Livermore, CA - Last Thursday in a desperate attempt, Robert Gibbs, 23, posted a video on YouTube one day before his birthday pleading and crying out for help for someone to help him lose weight. His plead called for Dr. Phil, Biggest Loser or any weight-loss professional to anwser his call. Gibbs asked anyone who comes upon the video to repost it, which triggered and launched the video to go viral on the Internet and had more than 1 million hits (views).
In a choking and tearful mood, Gibbs explained that his shout out for help might be his last chance or hope to survive. He weights between 600 to more than 700 pounds and wants to get rid of hundreds of pounds, So, he could live long enough to see both his nephew and niece grow up. He has been hospitalized, tried all kinds of diet formulas and gimmicks to lose weight quickly, but has gained the weight back and so far everything has failed, according to Gibbs. Gibbs believes, that if he doesn't lose weight, he might never get a chance to see his nephew and niece grow into young adults or get to have a family of his own.
To his surprise, the Dr. Phil show representatives and several weight-loss professionals previously associated with the "Biggest Loser" show have reached out to Gibbs. He has been interviewed by several media outlets focusing on his obesity. His obesity plight and plead for help has brought attention to his overweight dilema and struggle to control his eating habit.

Video YouTube copy reposted about Gibbs pleading for help to lose weight at link:

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