Saturday, April 16, 2011

El Comandante Kilo, Zeta Leader Implicated In The San Fernando Massacre Of 220 Victims Arrested By Mexican Navy

Martín Omar Estrada Luna, aka, "El Kilo and El Comandante Kilo"

Photos by PGR

Zeta leader in the municipality of San Fernando also involved in the 2010 homicides of 72 victims.

By H. Nelson Goodson
April 16, 2011

San Fernando, Tamaulipas, Mexico - On Saturday, Mariano Saynez Mendoza, the Secretary of the Mexican Navy (Semar) announced the arrest of the Zeta leader Martín Omar Estrada Luna, aka, "El Kilo and Comandante Kilo." Luna was wanted in connection with the recent discovery of 148 bodies in clandestine graves in San Fernando. The feds say, the body count could reach more than 200. The Mexican Attorney General's Office (PGR) had offered a reward of $1.2 million dollars ($15 milliones de pesos) for Luna's arrest.
Luna was arrested with four other members of the Zetas. He is also implicated with last year's discovery of 72 bodies found in a ranch and clandestine graves in the property. A total of 220 bodies have been found, including 72 bodies from August 2010.
So far, 36 Zeta suspects have been implicated and arrested in the mass murders, including 16 municipal police officers from San Fernando. The officers are accused of covering up the mass murders and were paid by the criminal organization known as the Zetas. They provided protection and information about the military, federal and state operations in the region, according to the PGR.
During the week, the Tamaulipas state PGR identified several of the bodies as the remains of Elvis Martinez, 33, Gonzalo García Casanova from the state of Matamoros and Feliciano Tagal Ovalle, 44, of Guatemala. The rest of the bodies are considered to be Mexican nationals.
Authorities in 2010 identified 40 victims of the 72 bodies found in San Fernando from ID documentation the victims were carrying. The PGR confirmed that 13 were from El Salvador, 15 from Honduras, 5 from Guatemala, 6 from Ecuador and 1 from Brazil.  

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