Friday, January 12, 2018

Two Wisconsin Dairy Workers Targeted By ICE For No Driver License Violation Cases

Two men ages 26 and 28 that worked at several dairy farms around West Bend  were taken into custody by ICE agents for violations concerning the lack of driver licenses.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

January 12, 2018

Milwaukee, WI - On Friday, Voces de la Frontera (VDLF), an immigrant and workers rights organization from Milwaukee, WI reported that ICE agents raided some farms around West Bend and detained farm dairy workers. ICE hasn't confirmed if any raids occurred or if any arrests were made yet. VDLF held a protest at the ICE office in Milwaukee to call for the immediate release of both men.
During a press conference, Christine Neumann-Ortiz, Executive Director for VDLF confirmed that at least two dairy workers were detained by ICE agents after their wives called VDLF to report the raids. Firo Jesús Gamboa-Hernández, 23, and Agustín Aguirre Villa, 28, were taken into custody by ICE agents at two different dairy farms. VDLF says that ICE raids also took place at other dairy farms as well, but have not been able to confirm.
Gamboa-Hernández has several children born in the U.S. and had been working at the dairy farm for 6 years. Villa is a supervisor at a dairy farm also has several U.S. born children and had worked at the farm for 9 years and has been in the country for at least 12 years.

Update: A third person was also detained, but has not been identified.

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