Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Franklin High School Racist Student Busted For Labeling Water Drinking Fountains White And Colored

School officials at the Franklin High School have identified a student who was responsible for placing labels of White and Colored on water drinking fountains to show unofficial segregated use.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News News Network U.S.A.

January 23, 2018

Franklin, WI - On Tuesday, Franklin High School (FHS) administrators confirmed that a student has been identified and is facing discipline for placing segregated water cooler labels that read White and Colored. A photo of the labels above water drinking fountains was posted in Facebook (FB) by Amber Ariel Smith and circulated quickly and drew condemnation by local groups and parents of diverse students attending the school.
Smith wrote on her FB that students have complained to the school Board about racism and the "N" word being used by students at school to no avail until now that exposure of blatant racism at the school has drawn attention to the school district. Smith's FB posting read, "SO FRANKLIN HIGH SCHOOL IS BACK AT IT AGAIN. My younger siblings sent this to me from the hallways of their school. From my sisters being called N***** and the school not doing anything about it. To students making a VIDEO about how it's OKAY to say n***** for a presentation and the school STILL not doing anything. To THIS. I swear if the school don't do anything this time I'm driving up there myself . My younger brother and sisters shouldn't have to be disrespected like this and no one doing anything about it. Ashley Ammorelle Smith"
School administrators haven't decided, if the student involved will be expelled from the school or have released any information whether other students were also complicit in the racially motivated incident. A statement released by the FHS says, the "inappropriate and racist message...was in no way part of any school project, curriculum or initiative...This act of intolerance by an individual does not represent the values of Franklin High School or the approximately 1700 people who teach and learn here everyday. The display was offensive, hurtful, and wrong..."

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