Sunday, January 21, 2018

DACA Recipients Contribute Billions Of Dollars To The Economy, Social Security, Medicare, Gross National Product And Gross Domestic Product

DACA recipients contribute billions of dollars to the economy, Social Security, Medicare, Gross National Product (GNP) and Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

• In five years, the U.S. will lose $105B in GNP without DACA recipients. (NYTimes)

• In 10 years, the U.S. will lose $433B in GDP without DACA recipients. (Center for American Progress)

• In ten years, the U.S. will lose $24.6B in Social Security and Medicare tax revenue without DACA recipients. (AP)

• DACA recipients pay $2B in taxes per year, which includes state and local taxes, according to the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy.

• More than 75% of DACA recipients are employed, according to the National Immigration Law Center.

• 6M jobs remained unfilled today in the U.S., despite DACA recipients being employed.

• Deporting DACA recipients will cost $287B including an economic loss of $215B, also a fiscal loss of $60B (from lower net tax revenue) and $7.5B in deportation costs, according to Brandon & Albright from the CATO Institute.

• DACA recipients have higher-skills and higher-paying jobs than undocumented immigrants.

• Second generation immigrants have a net positive fiscal input of $173K to $259K per immigrant family, according to Econofact.

• 21% of DACA recipients work in education & health services, according to the American Medical Association and an estimated 5,400 additional DACA physicians will enter the U.S. work force in coming decades.

• At least 70K formerly DACA recipients have received their U.S. permanent residency, according to the U.S. Citizen and Immigration Service.

Source: Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

By H. Nelson Goodson
January 21, 2018

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