Thursday, January 4, 2018

One Of Three Kings Expected To Pickup Slack After One Arrested And Other Banned From Entering The U.S.

Latinos in the U.S. are facing a dilemma for Three Kings Day after a leaked government email was intercepted by activists from an underground group known as La RevoLUZion based in the Midwest.

January 4, 2018

Washington, D.C. - On Thursday, the underground network operated by La RevoLUZion has gone into red alert mode after an email between the Trump administration at the White House, CIA, ICE, State Department and U.S.DOJ including the NSA revealed a major conspiracy that led to the arrest of one of the Three Kings and the revocation of a Visa of another for simply being of Arab descent. The leaked government email identified Balthazar as the Black King taken into custody on suspicion of carrying contraband not declared at the border, Melchior, the second King of Arab descent was denied a Visa after the Trump government realized he was Arabic while attempting to pass through U.S. Customs at the Chicago O'Hare Airport and a intelligence report from the CIA indicated he was considered a national security threat and could influence diversity empowerment in the U.S. The third King, Gaspar apparently received the White privileged VIP treatment for the color of his skin by the Trump administration and received an invitation to the White House for January 6. Gaspar declined the Trump invitation, according to the White House fake news website.
Gaspar in a press release on Thursday  stated, that the U.S. government under Trump is violating the traditional Three Kings Day that has been celebrated for decades in the country and the ones expected to suffer are the children, which now due to the current situation are expected to receive and open just one gift. Gaspar also says, that he has to pickup the slack for both Balthazar and Melchior and condemned the Trump administration including government agencies involved for unfair and discriminatory practices.
A female spokesperson for La RevoLUZion in condition of anonymity says, we are doing everything possible to grant Balthazar his freedom and the option to dig a tunnel to free him shouldn't be dismissed at this point. The RevoLUZion group is working with a sister organization known as El Syndicato from Mexico to help smuggle Melchior through the U.S. and Mexico border before the Three Kings Day.
Gaspar confirmed, if Melchior is successful in making his way to the U.S. and Balthazar is granted bail by the feds, it will definitely be another successful Three Kings Day on January 6th.

Source: Satire/HNNUSA

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