Monday, January 8, 2018

Great Day For The City of Milwaukee, Police Chief Edward Flynn Confirmed Retirement

Chief Flynn shortly after being hired was exposed in 2009 for having an extramarital affair with journalist Jessica McBride who was married to a Waukesha County D.A.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

January 8, 2018

Milwaukee, Wisconsin - On Monday, Edward A. Flynn, 70,  the City of Milwaukee Police Chief announced his retirement on February 16 after a ten-year career in the City as the top local municipal law enforcement official. Chief Flynn during a press conference reported the following police crime stats showing a decrease in across the board, -4% lower crime, -16% in homicides, -11% in robberies, -12% of auto thefts and car jackings, -4% of thefts, 2,759 guns seized in 2017 and 25% less of use of deadly force since 2013. 
Fynn retires after 10 years, a great day for the City of Milwaukee. Flynn while married was involved in a sexual affair with journalist Jessica McBibe who was married to a Waukesha County D.A. He initiated low prioity response police calls, lower crime reporting stats until exposed to make it look like crime was lowered, when in fact certain crimes stats were declassified as minor by changing severity and etc.
Chief Flynn in July attempted to implement a show me your papers policy for the department, which would have allowed police officers to ask for legal status in the country from suspected undocumented immigrants during traffic stops and investigations. The policy failed after the public opposed it and the Fire and Police Commission failed to implement Chief Flynn's show me your papers standard operating procedure policy.
The Milwaukee Common Council sought action by a measure to be allowed to determine the future of Chief Flynn. Members of the Common Council had been disappointed that Chief Flynn failed to release a U.S. Department of Justice evaluation. Mayor Tom Barrett vetoed the measure for the Common Council to have authority to fire Chief Flynn. The Common Council overrode his veto, but they have to get approval by the state legislature.
The Fire and Police Commission, which is appointed by the mayor has authority to renew a contract and evaluate Chief Flynn's performance. Flynn is scheduled to meet with the Commission on Thursday, but his retirement announcement became public on Monday. Flynn was accompanied by Mayor Barrett when he confirmed his retirement.

Police stats: FBI/Police Gang Task Enforcement Expanded To Milwaukee's Southside To Reduce Crime Hot Spots

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