Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Sunfair 2016 Draws Thousands To W. Historic Mitchell Street Fest

The current president of the W. Historic Mitchell Street Business Improvement District #4 confirmed that the Sunfair will be bigger in 2017.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

June 8, 2016

Milwaukee, WI - The 3-day W. Historic Mitchell Street Sunfair 2016 drew thousands of people to the Milwaukee Southside four blocks long street event. A variety of music including Spanish local singers El Cuervo de Jalisco, Blanca Estrada, Tony Garnica de Michoacan, El Gavilán de Veracruz, Margarito Corona, Hermanos Villarreal, Nalani, JcMunguia and the Charles Thomas Band entertained crowds at Sunfair. Also, amusement rides for adults and kids, a variety of food vendors and a beer booth attracted a diverse community to the weekend 6th Annual Sunfair.
Jesús Enrique Nañez Pérez, the current President and Chairman of W. Historic Mitchell Street Business Improvement District 4 (BID #4) and Sunfair 2016 confirmed that in 2017, the event will be bigger to reflect the "exciting business growth and development happening on W. Historic Mitchell Street." Nancy Bush, the Executive Director of Bid #4 on Saturday told Hispanic News Network U.S.A. (HNNUSA) that the 6th Annual Sunfair attracted large crowds to the event and the event was running smoothly with no incidents reported by police. Bush indicated that the Forest Home Library will be relocating to the Hills Building soon, the Historic Mitchell Street Market Place recently opened, the Modjeska Theater has opened for venues and the relocation of the Gerald L. Ignace Indian Health Center to W. Historic Mitchell Street are some strives of economic growth that the historic street is experiencing today.
Last August, Bid #4 also moved to W. Historic Mitchell Street as well.

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