Saturday, June 4, 2016

Janesville Police Department Engaging In Illegal Activity To Suppress Anticipated Crime In Wisconsin

Janesville police reported it had visited 103 homes of suspected local gang members and outlaw motorcycle members believed to be gang members in an attempt to suppress anticipated crime.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

June 4, 2016

Janesville, WI - On Friday, the Janesville Police Department (JPD) sent out an advisory to the public that it had visited at least 103 homes of 63 confirmed gang members and 43 outlaw motorcycle gang members in an attempt to suppress anticipated crime. In the police advisory, it described that in order to suppress, interrupt, deter and successfully prosecute criminal gang activity, a task force composed of the Gang Abatement Team, Street Crimes Unit, and patrol have worked cooperatively with Department of Corrections agents conducted a series of home visits with confirmed gang and motorcycle outlaw members that reside within the City of Janesville.
Janesville police are hoping that their gang suppression operation will reduce gang related crime against citizens in the city. Police began to identify and document specific dates and times of individuals wearing gang colors, displaying gang tattoos, and claiming affiliation to a particular gang without committing a crime.
It seems that the JPD is just engaging in illegal activity to suppress crime and should first start to suppress illegal activity within their own department. It is not illegal to belong to a gang or an outlaw motorcycle club in the U.S. and especially in Wisconsin. It is not illegal to wear body art or motorcycle club colors (logos) even, if deemed gang related in Wisconsin. 
The Department of Corrections agents do have legal authority to supervise those on parole only, but not to intimate citizens just because they belong to a motorcycle club.
The U.S. Department of Justice and the ACLU should look into the alleged illegal activity that the JPD seems to be engaging in today.
In May 2015, the Waco Police Department officers in Texas killed at least four of nine bikers at the Twin Peaks Restaurant and arrested nearly 200 bikers and charged them with the same frivolous crime. The McLennan County District Attorney's Office knew of the Waco police frivolous charges and proceeded to prosecute innocent bikers. Video's later released of the brawl between the Cossacks and Bandidos Motorcycle Clubs showed that most bikers including members from others groups who were attending a meeting were just running from the scene or trying to protect themselves from the police shooting. But, all of the bikers arrested at the scene wearing motorcycle colors on leather vests were charged with the same frivolous felony crime and illegal $1M cash bonds were set by a Texas Justice of the Peace, which in Texas, a Justice of the Peace can not preside over felony cases.
In California, the feds lost a federal case that attempted to confiscate the Mongols Motorcycle Club logo (colors) and tried to label the group as a criminal organization. The Mongols are considered an outlaw biker club.
In Wisconsin, the dominant motorcycle club are the Outlaws Motorcycle Club, which any motorcycle group wanting to wear an MC for motorcycle club with their colors would have to get their approval. The Hell Lovers MC, another outlaw club affiliated with the Outlaws, provide approval to Afro-American motorcycle groups for members to wear the MC on their colors.
Motorcycle associations or riding groups like the Latin American Motorcycle Association (LAMA) based in Chicago, the Independent Riders, a motorcycle riding group based in Milwaukee and other groups not deemed as MC's don't need approval to wear colors by the Outlaws or Hell Lovers in Wisconsin.
In the U.S. today, anyone registering a motorcycle with a U.S. state motor vehicle department, their registration gets automatically filed with the FBI motorcycle gang data files. The FBI has also been known to engage in illegal activity as well, since they provide Stingray phone tracker antenna devices to police departments to fool cellphones in a targeted area to connect to the fake mini mobile antenna tower network for unauthorized tapping of cellphone conversations.

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