Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Grieving Milwaukee Parents Collecting Donations Using Internet Fetus Photos To Claim It's Their Child

Several Milwaukee Southside residents are questioning the use of internet fetus photos that were used by a couple and their daughter who claimed the child has died.

By H. Nelson Goodson 
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

June 15, 2016

Milwaukee, WI - On Tuesday, several Milwaukee Southside residents are having doubts about a 9-month pregnancy that a couple claimed to be enjoying until the child apparently died recently due to an accident. In the parents separate Facebook (FB) accounts, it showed them at a baby shower event in May where the alleged expectant mother along with her husband posed with photos of the baby gifts and a poster of the baby called "Pepito".
The Southside residents became suspicious about the claim of the pregnancy when the photos used in FB by the family, Jessica Perla Ruby Camacho Rodriguez and Pepe José Rodriguez claiming to be having a child actually turned out to be copies from Internet photos found on tineye dot com. The Rodriguez family was contacted on Tuesday, Balmares Kuka, the daughter responded by saying she doesn't have to say anything and none could explain where the baby photos including one where a baby is in an incubator originated from letting to believe what the Rodriguez family are claiming, is in question today. Pepe José claimed, that they have not asked for any donations, when asked about the photos of the fetus used, he did not respond. Jessica Perla commented via FB, that Rodriguez was not her real name on FB and she failed to confirm whether the photos of the fetus was her actual baby. She also indicated that no donations were collected. Why would they use Internet fetus photos to claim it's their child and a baby in an incubator that died?
Allegations have been raised by some Southside residents that the Rodriguez's have been asking for donations at a local bar La Carreta Vieja located at the 1300 block of W. Greenfield Ave. The amount of donations collected has not been determined. 
Milwaukee police have been contacted about the alleged claim by the Rodriguez family and when the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner's Office was contacted on Tuesday, it was confirmed that they have no information about any death reported of a child belonging to the Rodriguez family as of yet.
The extended Rodriguez family members and friends are grieving the alleged loss of a child to both Jessica and Pepe José. Has a child actually died, if so then why are Internet photos being used instead to claim that it is the deceased child? The Rodriguez family hasn't been able to explain the photos used of a child on their FB accounts at the moment.

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