Sunday, August 17, 2014

Eyewitness Tweeted Michael Brown Shot Twice In The Back And Five After He Turned Around

Tweeted account of the Michael Brown shooting by Missouri Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson indicates he was shot twice from behind and five after he turned arround.

By H. Nelson Goodson
August 17, 2014

Ferguson, Missouri - A nearby neighbor where unarmed Michael Brown, 17, was fatally shot by Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson, 28, tweeted on August 9, that Brown was shot twice from behind and five times after he turned around and then dropped from the mortal wounds. Bruh tweeted the account and a photo of Officer Wilson holding his service weapon next to Brown's body.
On Friday, Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jacksin stated, that Brown allegedly was involved in a strong-arm robbery at a neighborhood convenience grocery store and had taken some cigars. Brown and some friends were walking in the middle of the street when they were confronted by Officer Wilson. Wilson was unaware Brown had been involved in the alleged robbery minutes earlier. A convenience surveillance video was released by police showing Brown shoving the store clerk during the robbery.
An attorney for the grocery store has confirmed, that the owner or an employee never called 911 and that Brown had paid for the cigars and left the rest on the counter. The owner of the store went to talk to Brown and he shoved the owner before he left the store. The police are making false allegations against Brown and Brown did not robbed the store as Ferguson Police Chief Jackson claims, according to the store's attorney.
The department is investigating the shooting incident. Brown was not armed at the time he was fatally shot by Wilson.
Since the shooting, peaceful protests have turned violent after police fired rubber bullets and tear gas at people and media. Tear gas was used by police to disperse protesters and rampant looting at business stores has been reported since August 9. 
The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has sent about 40 agents to investigate the Brown shooting by Officer Wilson. One looter was reported shot on Saturday and more than five suspected looters have been arrested. Governor Jay Nixon (D) of Missouri ordered a night curfew for Ferguson residents.
The Ferguson Police Department has been accused of using excessive force on peaceful protesters. Most looters and those engaged in civil disobedience are said to be from surrounding cities taking advantage of the Brown killing.
On Sunday, a peaceful rally calling for justice for #MichaelBrown was organized at 3:00 p.m. by Brown's family and the Greater Grace Church in Ferguson condemning Brown's killing by Officer Wilson. Reverend Al Sharpton, Martin Luther King III and Captain Ron Johnson from the Missouri State Police spoked at the church gathering. Johnson told those attending that he will protect them and their right to protest and received a standing ovation.
Also on Sunday, the Department of Justice (DOJ) spokesperson, Brian Fallon has confirmed that an autopsy will be performed by the DOJ. The state autopsy was conducted last week and the DOJ will take it into account as well, according to Fallon.
On August 14, the Alpha Phi Alpha, Fraternity, Inc. sent a letter to the Austin A. Layne Mortuary,  Inc. that they will pay for the memorial and funeral services for Michael Brown, according to Wayne C. Harvey, the General Counsel for the Fraternity. 

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