Wednesday, August 27, 2014

David Barajas Acquitted For Fatally Shooting DUI Texas Driver

David Barajas and José Banda Jr.

Texas jury acquitted Barajas for Banda's murder.

By H. Nelson Goodson
August 27, 2014

Angleton, Texas - On Wednesday,  a jury in just three hours returned a not guilty verdict in the case of David Barajas, 32, a father who was charged for the December 2012 shooting death of José Banda Jr., 20, for killing his two sons. Barajas and his two sons, David Barajas Jr., 12, and Celeb Barajas, 11, were pushing a disabled truck, which had ran out of gas about 50 yards from their home in Alvin. When Banda who was driving under the influence crashed into their truck and killed the boys.
According to police, in a bit of rage and chaos Barajas immediately went home minutes after the crash, got a gun and went back to the fatal crash scene. He then fatally shot Banda in the head. Banda had just become a father with a new born baby.
Barajas had pleaded not guilty and denied killing Banda. Police found an empty holster and bullets at Barajas home and noticed his home surveillance system had been disabled. Police also weren't able to find the gun or a witness to the shooting.
Barajas was facing life in prison.

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