Thursday, August 21, 2014

Afro-American Salt Lake City Police Officer Kills Unarmed Homeless White Man

Dillon Taylor

Taylor was killed several days after he predicted his own death on Facebook.

By H. Nelson Goodson
August 20, 2014

South Salt Lake, Utah - On Monday, protesters in Salt Lake City were demanding justice for Dillon Taylor, 20, who was killed on August 11 coming out of a South Salt Lake 7-Eleven Store by an Afro-American (Black) Salt Lake City Police officer. The officer and two other officers were placed on administrative duty pending the outcome of the shooting have not been identified, but one officer fired at least two fatal shots at Taylor. Taylor was unarmed and the fatal shooting was captured by police body cameras, but the Salt Lake City Police Department whose officers were involved is refusing to comment, if Taylor was armed or have not mentioned what the video actually shows. The Black officer was accompanied by two other officers who responded to a 911 call that a man was brandishing a weapon and Taylor fit the description. Taylor and two friends were coming out of the 7-Eleven store when they were confronted by police. The entire incident outside the 7-Eleven store was recorded by the officers body cameras.
Taylor was convicted for felony robbery and obstruction of justice and had an outstanding $25,000 warrant at the time of his death for violating conditions of his probation, according to court records.
Taylor who is Hispanic, according to his family also had posted on his Facebook account on August 9, that he was homeless, couldn't get along with family members and had the premonition that he would die soon. He was killed by the officer several days later.
The Salt Lake City Police Department indicated that the investigation results might take weeks or months and Taylor's family and friends want answers now. The South Salt Lake Police Department has taken over the investigation.
Taylor was killed in cold blood and police are attempting to cover-up Taylor's murder, according to the protesters. A protest was held near the Salt Lake City Police Department on Monday, according to the Salt Lake Tribune.
Newly release (May 2015) body camera video shows Salt Lake, Utah Police Officer Bron Cruz murder Dillon Taylor on August 11, 2014. The D.A. ruled it justified, but the video shows he was murdered while listening to a radio.

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