Monday, May 26, 2014

Tamaulipas Gulf Cartel Leader Arrested By Mexican Federal Authorities

Juan Manuel Rodríguez García,  aka, "Juan Perros"

García had fled to Nuevo Leon to avoid prosecution for drug trafficking,  extortion, murder, kidnappings and having military weapons.

By H. Nelson Goodson
May 26, 2014

San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo Leon, Mexico - On Sunday,  Juan Manuel Rodríguez García, 39, aka, "Juan Perros" or "Juan Manuel Rodríguez Larios" was taken into custody by Mexican federal authorities. The Mexican government initiated an operation on early Sunday in the municipality of San Pedro Garza García without the aid of local authorities. García is the known Gulf Cartel leader from Tamaulipas who fled the state to avoid prosecution.
Authorities received intelligence that García was hiding in Nuevo Leon. García was wanted for drug trafficking, human trafficking, kidnapping of thousands of Central American undocumented immigrants to collect ransom, murders, extortion, operating a criminal organization and using weapons exclusively used by the military. He operated in Rio Bravo and had been disputing with factions of the Gulf Cartel in Tamaulipas over control of the Gulf Cartel operations in the state. García took over the Gulf Cartel in Tamaulipas after Mario Armando Ramirez Treviño was taken into custody in August 2013. Other factions of the Gulf Cartel refused to accept García as their main leader in Tamaulipas,  so García enaged in a bloody battle to eliminate all those who opposed him in the municipalities of el Rio Bravo, Reynosa, Valle Hermoso, Matamoros and Tampico. 
He also waged a cartel war with Los Zetas in an attempt to control the multi-million drug trafficking routes leading to the U.S. border in the municipalities of Ciudad Victoria, San Fernando, Nuevo Laredo and Guerrero, according to Monte Alejandro Rubido, the Mexican National Security Commissioner.  
A joint operation by the Mexican military, Marines, Federal Police and the Federal Attorney General's Office led to the arrest of Juan Perros.

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