Saturday, May 31, 2014

Lincoln Park Police Department Initiate Investigation After Two Embarrassing Incidents With 6-month Pregnant Women Go Viral

Andrea Dingess

Dingess who is 6-months pregnant was allegedly hit by a Lincoln Park police officer during a stop and then when she attempted to file a complaint, a police supervisor failed to take it and believed it never happened.

By H. Nelson Goodson
May 31, 2014

Lincoln Park, Michigan - On Wednesday, Andrea Dingess received a letter from a Lincoln Park police lieutenant advising her that the department has initiated an internal investigation into several incidents that went viral on the Internet after she posted a YouTube video and reported it on her Facebook (FB) account. Dingess who is 6-months pregnant claims that she was stopped by several Lincoln Park police officers and one of them hit her in the face after citing her for not having an ID (License). 
She told the officer that she had an ID, but for some reason the officer cited her for not having one and then got mad, threw the ticket at her and hit Dingess in the face. The officer told her, to bad about the ticket, which he had already wrote it and that she didn't tell him soon enough about the ID on her possession. Dingess had several people with her who witnessed the officer hit her.
Later when she went to the Lincoln Park Police Department to file a citizen's complaint against the officer for an assault, a supervisor refused to take the complaint and believed the incident never happened without even attempting to investigating. The incident with the supervisor at the police station was recorded and posted on Facebook and in YouTube. In the background, one of the people with Dingess can be heard saying how corrupt the Lincoln Park Police Department is. The video has gone viral. 
Hispanic News Network U.S.A. (HNNUSA) sent an e-mail to Brian Hawk, the Lincoln Park Police Chief on early Wednesday asking about the supervisor's failure to take a citizen complaint against an officer, according to the video footage and what are the proper procedures dealing with a citizen complaint regarding an officer? Chief Hawk has not responded to the HNNUSA inquiry regarding the failure of a police supervisor to take a citizen's complaint.
Dingess posted on Wednesday, "Lincoln Park police sent me a letter and said they are investigating the matter. I'm still waiting on a return call from the lieutenant. I'm trying to allow them to rectify this before I give any statements to media." She will meet with the lieutenant on Tuesday, according to Dingess FB posting.

Dingess and Lincoln Park police supervisor video at link:

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