Sunday, May 25, 2014

22-year-old Male Virgin Rejected By Blondes Led To Isla Vista Drive-by Shooting Massacre

Elliot Oliver Robertson Rodger

Rodger, a self proclaimed virgin who had never kissed rants on selfie video's how women rejected him for eight years and failed to see how magnificent and beautiful he was.

By H. Nelson Goodson
May 25, 2014 

Isla Vista, California - Elliot Oliver Robertson Rodger, 22, a Santa Barbara City College student from Woodland Hills and self proclaimed loner wishing to be noticed and loved by women turns into a mass killer after years of rejection by blondes. Rodger who posted multiple videos on YouTube ranting on his loneliness, on Friday went on a drive-by shooting rampage at the University of California-Santa Barbara Isla Vista neighborhood that resulted in seven deaths including his own, according to Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office (SBCSO). Rodger died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.
Rodger drove a black BMW and drove around shooting at victims until he crashed after being pursued by sheriff deputies. He was found inside the vehicle with a fatal gun shot wound to the head.
SBCSO investigators later discovered three bodies that were stabbed to death at Rodger's apartment in the 6500 block of Seville Road. Rodger killed the three men because they were Asian and he considered them inferior. Thirteen other victims were reported injured.
All the victims were randomly selected because Rodger believed that they had a better love life then he did. He detested beautiful blondes dating ugly looking guys around the UC campus instead of a perfect guy like himself who travelled the world.
Rodger was obsessed about his failure to get a girlfriend and claimed that he was still a male virgin and had never been kissed. As he speaks on his selfie videos, Rodger seems to be conceded and expected women to fall in love with him because he was the perfect guy. But, it turned out that women didn't find him attractive and appealing enough to date him, according to Rodger.
In April, deputies were called to Rodger's apartment for a welfare check and he was found to be alright. Afterwards in a 140-page manifesto,  Rodger wrote that a deputy in April almost foiled his plan to executed a massacre. He almost crapped on his pants for a few seconds because if the deputy would have inspected his room, he would have discovered Rodger's written manifesto and three guns that he legally purchased. "That would have ended everything, for a few horrible seconds, I thought it was all over," Rodger wrote on the manifesto.

Elliot Rodger's revenge video

Three victims have been identified:

● Veronika Elizabeth Weiss, 19, of Westlake Village, California, a freshman at the University of California-Santa Barbara (UCSB)

● Katherine Breann Cooper, 22,  of Chino Hills, California, a student at UCSB

● Christopher Ross Michaels-Martinez, 20, of Los Osos, California, a student at UCSB

Three victims were found deceased with multiple stabbed wounds at Rodger's apartment. Hong and Chen were sharing the apartment with Rodger. SBCSO investigators are trying to determine, if Wang was also a roommate or was just visiting the victims.

● Cheng Yuan Hong, 20, of San Jose, California 

● George Chen, 19, of San Jose, California

● Weihan Wang, 20, of Fremont, California

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