Thursday, April 3, 2014

Rick Dyer's Bigfoot Hank Hoax Netted Thousands In Cash From Victims

Rick Dyer, Andrew Clacy and Fake Bigfoot Hank

Hank, Dyer's Bigfoot was just a fake stuff dummy made of polyfoam filled with latex and glued camel hair by prop artist maker Chris Russell from Spokane, Washington.

By H. Nelson Goodson
April 3, 2014

Arkansas - On Friday, Rick Dyer, a known Bigfoot hoaxter on his Facebook account admitted once again that the Bigfoot named Hank that was taken on tour to scam people out of viewing fees is actually fake. The revelation comes days after a major fallout between Dyer and his former marketing director Andrew Clacy. Dyer admitted that most of his Team Tracker crew, Clacy, Lynk Paul, Dale Boswell and Frank Cali knew that the Bigfoot in the exhibit box was fake, but everyone continued to lie and vowed it was the real thing. Clacy says, once he discovered in Daytona Beach Bike Week that Hank was fake, he decided to bail out quick and returned to Australia.  Clacy couldn't continue with the scam.
Dyer's Bigfoot was just a fake stuff dummy made of polyfoam filled with latex and glued camel hair by prop artist maker Chris Russell from Spokane, Washington. Russell made a non-disclosure agreement with Dyer and remained silent, eventhough he later realized that Dyer was claiming it was real and scamming people out of viewing fees.
Dyer was forced to come clean once again after threats of a lawsuit from his former employees, including Clacy. It seems, almost everyone involved with Dyer's traveling sideshow knew Bigfoot Hank was fake, according to Dyer. 
Dyer apparently didn't come close to making the $90K a month that he wanted by scamming people to paying between $20, $10 and even $5 for a viewing fee to see the farce Bigfoot name Hank. Children were mostly targeted. Where is Hank now?, well just standing around in Dyer's back yard in Arkansas. Dyer had just recently moved to Arkansas. 
Dyer says, that he is the biggest known hoaxter in history to ever fool people into believing that Bigfoot really exists. So, all those people who dismissed the early warning signs and red flags that Dyer was taking them for another hoax ride were actually the biggest fools. Dyer still admits that he shot a Bigfoot in Texas on September 6, 2012,  but as expected, it's all an illusion that Dyer himself has come to believe after repeating it so many times.
Clacy admitted to the Bigfoot Tracker News blog that the Houston Alamo Drafthouse paid Dyer $3,500 for the two days he was there in March. The owners of the Drafthouse made at least $18,500 in two days, which the business owners made a killing on Dyer's hoax. Now that the gig hoax has been exposed, will the Drafthouse do a refund to all those people that were scammed into paying a viewing fee? Did the operators of the Drafthouse know it was a Bigfoot scam? "Probably," the critics would say. They Drafthouse operators were warned about Dyer's intended scam and failed to take measures to protect their customers from a scam.
A Change dot org online petition by Mark Wilkinson from Sydney, Australia is asking the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate Dyer for scamming thousands of people with his farce Bigfoot.
Dyer says, that he made less $20,000 during his first Bigfoot tour and paid it to his associates, but he will probably be forced to shutdown his Dyer LLC scam operation.

Lynk Paul, Dale Boswell and Frank Cali were part of the Dyer's Bigfoot Team Tracker group (Dyer LLC.) along with Andrew Clacy and Rick Dyer who perpetrated the Bigfoot Hank hoax and scammed people out of thousands of dollars in viewing fees. They marketed Hank as a real Bigfoot when in fact, it was just a dummy created out of polyfoam, latex and glued camel hair made by Chris Russell, a prop artist from Spokane, Washington. They scammed Bigfoot enthusiasts in New Mexico, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas and Florida.

 If anyone wants a refund after being led to believe the Bigfoot was real and turned out fake, you can contact Rick Dyer for refunds at:

Rick Dyer's video confession of Bigfoot hoax: Dyer's confession

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